If you absolutely cannot breastfeed your baby, or if you have to supplement with formula feeding then there are things you can add to commercial formulas to increase their low nutrient value.

But first, please go to a La Leche League meeting and/or search their website, as there is so much help available for breastfeeding difficulties of all kinds.

If your baby suffers from colic, projectile vomiting after feeding, or any other digestive problem, this can make breastfeeding difficult. And if you’re not getting enough sleep and continually stressed from a colicky baby, this can decrease your milk production – be sure and watch my video Baby Fart Aerobics to get colic and other digestive difficulties handled/healed quickly. Anemia is also a common cause of not being able to produce enough milk.

You can definitely solve whatever problem is causing you to not produce enough milk – did you know that adoptive mothers can breastfeed their new babies – even if they’ve never been pregnant or given birth? Also, even if your milk dries up completely due to illness or trauma, you can re-start it and get back to an exclusively breastfed baby. I know because this is what happened to me after the birth of my third child – it’s called relactation.

Exclusive Formula Feeding

If you do have to formula feed a newborn, you’ll need to add a number of crucial nutrients to facilitate proper brain development and help safeguard his/her gut. The best and most comprehensive instructions for infant formula supplementation can be found at Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website: “Healthy Alternative to Conventional Infant Formula”. There’s no point in me giving you additional instructions here, as this article really covers it all (and gives a few different options). If you’re exclusively formula feeding, you should also add Natren brand probiotic (Life Start – B. infantis) to baby’s formula bottles.

Partial Formula Feeding

If you’re using formula to supplement your breastfeeding, you should still read the article at mercola.com as the information is vital. Depending on the amount you’re still breastfeeding, you’ll either need to fortify your formula feedings as per the Mercola article instructions, or you can use Jini’s Formula Supplement Protocol below.

My protocol assumes that you are taking the supplements recommended below (see: Essential Supplements) – if you are not, then you need to follow the protocol on Dr. Mercola’s site instead. My protocol is nowhere near as good as the protocol on Dr. Mercola’s site. But, if you simply can’t manage to implement Mercola’s comprehensive protocol, then this protocol is still far better than just plain formula.

Jini’s Formula Supplement Protocol

• Raw, organic goat’s milk or raw, organic cow’s milk*
• 1 scoop of organic formula
• 1/8 tsp. Natren Life Start (B. infantis) probiotic until baby starts eating solids, then alternate/rotate with the other Natren probiotics: 1/8 tsp. Life Start, 1/8 tsp. Megadophilus, 1/8 tsp. Digesta-Lac
• 1/2 tsp. Udo’s oil
• 1 cod liver oil capsule (puncture and squeeze in baby’s mouth if possible)
• 1/2 Moducare capsule (plant sterols/fats) – boosts immunity after weaning. Note: If breastfeeding 3 times per day or more, then you don’t need to add Moducare.

Place formula, probiotics, Udo’s oil, and Moducare in baby’s bottle. Add 1 ounce of milk and mix with a spoon, crushing all lumps, until a smooth paste is formed. Then add the rest of the milk whilst stirring well. Put the lid on the bottle, block the nipple hole with your finger, and shake