Okay, got a really fun contest for you:

In the COMMENTS section below this post, write your story about a health challenge you encountered and how you overcame it. It doesn’t have to be related to digestive issues, it can be about anything. And it can also be about how you overcame a health problem for one of your children or loved ones.

Tell us all the details and if you used a particular product, then be sure and tell us what it was (so others can find it if they wish).

The person who posts the best story will win:  ONE YEAR FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP IN JPT WELLNESS CIRCLE (plus a number of free bonuses, yet to be determined).

So go ahead, share your wisdom with the rest of us and I’m looking forward to reading your story!

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Health Challenge Contest

4 thoughts on “Health Challenge Contest

  • In 1989 I fell down a flight of marble stairs and landed on my lower spin, and cracked
    my sacrum. Within a day or so I was unable to sit or walk very well. Pain was actually the least of my problems. I spent the next 10 months at various doctors, specialists and physical therapists – all to very limited avail. I started to spiral into a very strange array of symptoms including arm and wrist and severe hand pain and could not write or hold a pen! Life was bleak to say the least.

    In January 1990 I landed in the office of a Chiropractor (a recommendation of a chiropractor recommended by my cousin, but who was too far away…). I had never been to a Chiropractor and was very frightened. I walked into my visit in tears and said I could not withstand any more pain. After evaluating my case, he assured me that he could, in fact, help me! He had a plan and I was put at ease for the first time in a long time.

    It was a journey – and initial visits had me going home lying down in the back of a taxi.
    I’ll never forget the day I was able to squat properly for the first time in a year! I eventually resumed knitting, cooking, life… After 2 years of solid treatment, life intervened and I stopped going (not clever). After another 2 years of of family illnesses and deaths, I was tired and weak. It was then I was diagnosed with MS – which may have been responsible for my early strange symptoms.

    Doctors suggested NO Chiropractic and I listened for a while. But then had enough of that. I have been back – to this same gifted doctor of chiropractic – for the past
    4 years now. AND I AM STILL WALKING ! (I have progressive MS and was told early on I’d be in a wheelchair within a year)… that was 15 years ago.

    This Chiropractor practices a technique called GONSTEAD – which unfortunately is
    hardly used any longer. If you are dealing with a neurological disorder, chiropractic care can be extremely helpful. You need an experienced doctor who isn’t afraid.
    I also do YOGA- and of course you have to eat right. That’s why I’m also glad I found Jini’s site and info – a huge help for me lately! Thanks for reading! Hope we can all be well together!! – Barbara

  • Oh dear – I *thought* y’all would enjoy this contest and there would be lots of inspiring, interesting stories for me to read. But either I guessed wrong, or no one’s getting my emails!

    Anyway, congrats to Barbara! Your story shows that 1) it’s never too late and 2) root-level healing can take time. Another chiropractic technique that I’ve found to be extremely effective is A.R.T – and again, only go to someone who’s certified.


  • Both my daughter and I were overly toxic with mercury due to a multitude of reasons like vaccines and bad dental work and her due to being in my pregnant body. For years I tried to find someone to help our health issues which ranged from chronic fatigue and brain fog to chronic candida. My daughter had daily migraine headaches.

    I spent well over $20000 on various treatments and supplements. Of the treatments, NAET was most beneficial and that got rid of our Multiple Chemical Sensitivities but nothing else had any lasting benefits.

    Three years ago I read an article that inspired me to try Natural Cellular Defense which is a natural chelator. I read everything I could find for weeks before I decided to buy some. Within a few days all our symptoms vanished. With extended use, my PMS vanished, my skin cleared and up till today I’m still healthy, energetic and have no brain fog. I manage to bypass the typical colds and flues as well. Available from http://www.detoxqueen.com (my site).

    Before using this we kept our candida at bay with Inliven: http://www.goodskinforlife.com under Health Products. This was an “accidental” discovery that I made while shopping for organic cosmetics. My daughter’s stomach & bowel pain vanished completely within 48 hours. Inliven contains 13 strains of bacteria along with all the essential amino acids and many nutrients in a bioavailable form.

    As a nutritional consultant, these two items are a foundation to bring just about anyone back to health no matter what the condition. They simply clean the body, replace the vital bacteria and nutrients we need in an organic, safe matter.

    Between these two things we have a completely different life now, one of health and vitality. I switched to raw food as well which has brought me even further energy. Thanks to that my weight is stable despite a thyroid imbalance and I don’t need medication or doctor’s visits.

    I’m currently working on a new website that will talk more in detail about these things as well as the underlying causes. Dr. Huggins did a great job in his interview explaining about mercury. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to truly heal as long as they have mercury in their body. It’s not safe at any level.

  • Hi Sharon – thanks for sharing. Just so you (and others) know, the Inliven probiotic that you recommend contains “sporogenes” (as listed in the ingredients list). Please see my blog post on this substance before deciding whether to ingest it:


    Otherwise, I’m really glad to hear you’re doing so well – you should head over to http://www.JPTwellnessCircle.com and check out my teleseminar with hormone expert Dr. Wendy Ellis for great advice on healing your thyroid imbalance – could be the last piece of your puzzle.

    take care,

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