aude-wildflowersWith Spring firmly upon us, you may already be following my Seasonal Allergy treatment protocol. But I also wanted to share the super easy way to hold off hay fever that I use every day.

I spend 2-3 hours a day in the fully glory of nature with my horses. That’s my Belgian mare, Audelina, in the picture. And you can see that nature is blooming, sprouting and pollinating all over the place!

So here’s what I put every morning into my BlenderBottle to bolster my immune system by utilizing nature’s anti-histamine and immune boosters:

Anti-Allergy Shake

Shake and go!

Tip: When I get my pycnogenol and CoQ10, I mix them together in one bottle, as they are easily distinguishable by color, so I only have to open 1 bottle, rather than 2! You may also want to swallow the B-Complex capsule separately, if you’re picky, as it has the strongest taste.

Of course, if you usually have a fruit and/or veggie smoothie for breakfast, you can just throw all these items in before you blend it.

If you have some Vitamin C and you tolerate it well, you could also throw that in. I usually have a packet of Emergen-C with my lunch.

Even when the cottonwood fluff is thick as snowflakes in the air, this shake will hold off the itchy, runny nose, and red, itchy, runny eyes. And if my eyes do get a bit prickly, then a couple drops of Similasan Homeopathic Allergy eyedrops does the trick.

If you have severe allergies, then take 1,000 mg of Quercetin several times per day. One of my readers has taken 12,000 mg per day for years and reports no adverse effects from the high dosage.

Hay Fever Allergy Shake

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    1. Hello AV,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Most of these ingredients are used for IBD as well. The only thing is if your symptoms are so severe that you need to do the elemental diet than you wouldn’t want to do any milks or green powders in it. The Listen to Your Gut and IBD Remission books can give you more information to help guide you to decide if your symptoms are severe enough to need to do a full elemental diet. If you have anymore questions on it please let us know.

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