If you’ve ever had trouble understanding WHY forgiveness is so crucial to healing your physical body, and what it really means, then this video is an experiential journey through that process – with some of the most beautiful cinematography you’ll ever see:

Be sure and click the “full screen” icon to view this short film in all it’s splendour! And if you’re interested in how Dr. Malynn Utzinger came up with the words for this fabulous piece, you can read her story here.

Lastly, here’s one of the exercises Malynn talks about:

“In this Tonglen (compassion) meditation, you basically breathe in the difficulty that you see in the world or in a person, the pain or a challenge or a difficulty they’re going through, and you breathe out to them your deepest intention that their suffering be eased, in whatever way, specific or general that you can feel it.

Then you can widen it out. You can imagine yourself being the person whose pain you need to breathe in and to whom you need to breathe out compassion, well being, ease, and then you can spread it out to others.

You can spread it out to all humanity, you can spread it out across time and do this practice for all beings who will ever live.”

Forgiveness in the Healing Journey

7 thoughts on “Forgiveness in the Healing Journey

  • Jini, you are such a beautiful person to share these wonderful healing things with us. Thank you. Barbara

  • Touching, and so true, but soooo hard. This will be something I listen to over and over. Thank you for making this.

  • Thank you so very much for this! This is something I need in my life especially now when I’m going through a lot of stress and life changes. I’ll listen to this video now and again to remind myself how to let go and come home to peace.


  • It touched me so deeply I had tears in my eyes. Thank you JINI for these special videos as they add so much to the understanding of the healing process.

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