A reader shared this video with me and it literally lit me on fire! And every one that comes after it in the series is SO inspirational – I watched about 9 in a row:

Hope they move you, excite you, inspire you, like they did me! Click here to watch all the episodes.

The series is called:
Second Act: Real stories celebrating life, passion and reinvention

These videos are particularly meaningful for me, because last year a TV producer in L.A. asked me if I would like to do my own show. She said, “No budget, no restrictions, you can do anything you want, what would be your dream show?”

After much thought and connecting to my gut, I told her I would like to do a show about people who have somehow gathered the motivation and courage to change their lives, leave the “rat race” and are now living meaningful, fulfilling lives – in whatever form that takes for them. And explore WHAT went into them being able to implement such radical change. And of course, show how they are living and what they are doing, how their lives have changed.

Well, that project didn’t work out (for a number of reasons), but look! Now Yahoo is doing this show that’s similar in spirit to what I most wanted to see! And, although short, I think they’ve done a great job with it.

Soar higher,
p.s. you don’t have to sit through the Yoplait ad at the end every time, just click the next video in line and it will start.