Those of you who have been trying to purchase MucosaHeal have seen that there’s an Out of Stock notice on the website:

This is not actually true as the product is not ‘out of stock’, it is actually being held up by the FDA. After thoroughly investigating the product, they have decided that the product is okay, the label is okay, but they don’t like the “claims” being made on the website. Hence, they have refused the product entry into the US. MucosaHeal is currently manufactured in Canada and shipped down to our warehouse in the States – thus the FDA has stopped it at the border and now refuses it entry.

Elasticman Guidelines

When we asked them for guidelines about what we needed to change on our website, they would not give us any specifics. When we said, “Okay, so if we completely change the website so it says nothing about the product, will you let it through the border?” and they said, “We can’t comment.”

And this is one of the major problems with the FDA – after talking to a few manufacturers who have already been through this “harassment” process, I’m convinced that the FDA itself doesn’t even know what it’s guidelines are. In fact, it seems to be a case of whichever agent you get and whatever mood he’s in that day combined with whatever machinations are going on behind the scenes.

It seems to me the only reliable FDA regulation is: Whoever’s paying us the most money gets their way.

Which leads me to wonder: Did someone tip the FDA off about my products, because why MucosaHeal? Honestly, we sell such miniscule amounts compared to other natural health products – it’s not even retail for pete’s sake. We must sell .0001% of what any other product would sell.

No Longer Under The Radar

I must admit, I got an email from a reader who told her GI about me, but the GI had already heard of me. That worried me a bit – I mean, I’ve never heard of this gastroenterologist, but she immediately knew who I was. Then we have the gastroenterology department at the University of Chicago who have been recommending my products and are very enthused about my work. This is all great, because it means that more people are becoming aware that there are treatment alternatives…

But at the same time, it’s worrying because it means that myself and my work are no longer “under the radar”. If the whole premise for my work is natural healing, so you no longer need drugs or surgery… do you think Big Pharma is going to be happy about that?

Pharmaceuticals are losing massive amounts of money to natural healthcare and no, I do not think they will just fade “quietly into that good night”. If you look at the cost of Remicade, Imuran and even some of the other “lifetime” drugs for colitis and Crohn’s – even losing a few customers is a not-insignificant chunk of revenue.

Or maybe I’m just being paranoid….

Maybe it was just a random stop at the border…

Either way, I’m not taking chances with people’s health. One woman phoned up desperate to know when she could get more MucosaHeal for her daughter: “It’s the only thing keeping her out of the hospital!” I have another reader who has eaten nothing but Absorb Plus for the last 2 years – he cannot eat anything else and would be dead without it. These are just two examples out of thousands.

So, no, I’m not going to go head-to-head with the FDA – cause guess who would win? I’m going to follow more of an “oriental” strategy to just kind of keep quietly doing what I do and getting it into the hands of people who need it. I’m not going tell you (or in any way make public) my strategy – just that old paranoia again – but please believe that I am doing everything I can to wriggle my way out of this and whatever else Big Pharma and the FDA have planned for me (and you!).

You Can Fight the FDA

BUT, what can you do? Ah, you on the other hand, can go as public and as loud-mouthed as you want. And indeed, as many leaders in healthcare have been advocating, that is the ONLY way the FDA Vampire is going to be stopped.

Write to the FDA and let them know that as a citizen of these United States, you demand the freedom to choose natural health care options.

One thing to be aware of, though, before you write to the FDA: Starting last year, the agency made it much more difficult for citizens to contact them, by eliminating the ability to communicate with them via e-mail. As of now, there are only two ways to contact the FDA — by fax or by a letter sent through the postal system. Apparently, e- mail isn’t “FDA-approved.”

But the Alliance for Natural Health has found a way around this roadblock. They’ve made it possible for you to directly contact the FDA through their website’s “alert” feature. Letters written using this feature are faxed directly to the FDA Commissioner, Andrew von Eschenbach. And, even better, copies of your letters to the FDA are also simultaneously sent to your state senators and representatives. Think of it as “one stop shopping” for making your voice heard.

To use the ANH’s “website alert” feature to send your thoughts to the FDA and your senators and