ltyg-blenderbottle-smallIf you’re using your LTYG BlenderBottle to have a super nutritious shake every day – or perhaps you’re on the IBD Remission Diet and drinking 6-8 elemental shakes per day, then you may be feeling uneasy about the number of plastic drinking straws you’re using and throwing into landfills!

I know, I know, we don’t need to use a straw, we can just drink from the spout. BUT none of my kids will do that and I also prefer to use a straw.

So the solution TA-DA! is to use stainless steel re-usable drinking straws! I have tested a number of them and here are my top picks.

Note: You MUST purchase a brush cleaner to scrub the inside of the straw, otherwise it’s not clean!

If you’re using the smaller, 20 oz BlenderBottle, then an 8.5 inch straw is long enough.

But if you’re using the larger, 28 oz BlenderBottle, then you’ll need the 12 inch straws, otherwise the straw will fall down about 1/4 inch into the lid – you can still get to it, but it’s a hassle.

So here are the best quality and value stainless steel straws I found. All are fulfilled by Amazon, so qualify for their free shipping offer. The 8.5 inch package comes with a straw brush cleaner. I am using the 8.5 inch one in the video below:



Straight Tip or Angled Tip (my preference)


And here’s my video where I show you how I make my shakes each morning: