Join me and Dane Johnson of CrohnsColitisLifestyle as we talk about the minerals which used to be present in our soil, before industrial agriculture, mono-crops and widespread pesticide use degraded our soil. Modern agriculture has destroyed both our soil quality and microbial life – there should be more living microbes in a handful of soil than all the human/animal species on the planet!

These living networks or communities of beneficial life are destroyed by tilling/plowing, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Leaving us with nutrient-void soil; which produces nutrient-void vegetables.

This is why, unless you are growing your own vegetables with composted, nutrient-rich soil, it’s important to supplement – and nano-minerals, such as QuikPlus, have the best absorption of any mineral form because they do not require digestion. They can be absorbed simply by holding in your mouth (absorption through the mucosal tissue).

Instead of regular powdered minerals – of which the body can only use/absorb 10-15% – due to their super tiny size (less than 250 picometers) and ionic charge, these singular mineral atoms can pass directly into cell channels.
My whole family has been using these atom-sized minerals since 2008, and they are safe and effective!

**NEW QuikPlus Trace Matrix now available!

Jini’s latest formulation for Imix, Trace Matrix, contains 70 fulvic ionic trace minerals that are now missing from our soil. These minerals also used to be present in our water – when our water ran through natural rock and soil and wasn’t extensively filtered and processed.

Trace Matrix is ideal for re-mineralizing distilled or filtered water (where the minerals have been removed). Or simply add it to your juice, tea, shake or smoothie to get the full-spectrum of trace minerals that we can no longer get from eating plants or drinking natural water.

Here’s a quick overview of why Trace Matrix is so great for our health:

  • 70 fulvic ionic trace minerals missing from our soil/plants
  • chelates heavy metals and toxins to remove them from our cells
  • increases mitochondria energy levels
  • improves the gut lining
  • supports the immune system
  • protects against cognitive impairment
  • transports nutrients into the cell & aids cellular detox
  • atom-sized for instant absorption (no digestion required)