Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

Dr. Kelly Brogan’s new book is like the Listen To Your Gut version of understanding and healing depression. And yes, many people with IBS or IBD also suffer from depression because of the HPA axis (remember my teleseminar with Dr. Gabor Mate?) and inflammation.

So let me start out by saying I CANNOT BELIEVE I have not heard of this amazing doctor before now!

I first heard about Dr. Kelly Brogan via my friend Jeromy Johnson, who sent me to Louise Kuo Habakus‘ wonderful blog – another like-minded soul I have no idea why I haven’t connected with before either!

Whether you suffer from depression or not, you simply must read chapter one of her book (free) or at least tool around Dr. Brogan’s website for a while. Because here’s a couple reasons she’s so fabulous:

Kelly Brogan is a practicing psychiatrist with an MD from Weill Cornell Medical College, clinical training from NYU School of Medicine, and a degree in cognitive neuroscience from MIT. And yet… she writes this in her book, A Mind Of Your Own:

“Personally, I have no intention of ever returning to a lifestyle that involves pharmaceutical products of any kind, under any circumstances.
Because we are looking at the body as an intricately woven spiderweb – when you yank one area of it, the whole thing moves. And because there is a more powerful way to heal.
It’s so simple that it could be considered a rebellion.
You might think of yourself as averse to conflict – someone who wants to keep the peace, keep your head low, and do what’s recommended. To be healthy in today’s world, however, you need to access and cultivate a *reliance* on yourself. And you’re going to do that by first shifting your perspective forever. Look behind the curtain and understand that medicine is not what you think it is. Drug-based medicine makes you sick.”

If that’s sounds a little ‘over the top’ to you, then consider this: Americans are less than 5% of the world’s population and buy over 50% of all pharmaceutical drugs.

In her book, Kelly will also tell you WHY women experience twice the rate of depression as men (regardless of race or culture).

Whether for yourself, or someone you love, at least go read Chapter 1 of A Mind Of Your Own. It’s really good!

This is not the promo video for Dr. Brogan’s book, but it gives you a good sense of her – and I like what she’s saying! Remember, we have guided meditations for you over in the LTYG Shoppe.

And this is her video that tells you a bit more about the book – but really, you have to read Chapter 1 to get a good sense of it: