crohns treatmentAfter nine years of doing private consultations for people with Crohn’s disease and answering literally thousands of questions on my Forum, I have come to see that there are seven key protocols that nearly everyone needs to implement in order to see their digestive healing progress rapidly.

By the time people find their way to my protocols, their bacterial flora is usually unbalanced throughout their gastrointestinal tract. If they haven’t already had repeated antibiotic use since childhood, then the medical exploratory and diagnostic tests alone have destroyed much of the good bacteria in their small and large intestine. When the good, protective bacteria are depleted, then pathogens like yeast (Candida), viruses, parasites, and bad bacteria flourish.

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This profusion of pathogens, combined with (and causing) inflammation and damage to the mucosal lining, then results in Leaky Gut Syndrome; whereby undigested food particles and bad bacteria leach into the bloodstream and trigger allergic reactions and infection in other locales.

The protocols needed to heal Crohn’s disease therefore focus on providing bowel rest via a special Crohn’s disease diet, eradicating pathogens from the gut, rebalancing the bacterial flora, healing the damage done to the mucosal lining and intestinal wall, healing the emotional factors that lead to susceptibility in the gut in the first place (and ongoing), addressing any nutrient deficiencies, and balancing the endocrine system.

Crohn’s Diet – Bowel Rest

In extreme cases, the best and fastest way of alternative healing for Crohn’s is to go on an elemental diet (as outlined in my book, The IBD Remission Diet) in order to provide bowel rest and eliminate any trigger foods, whilst addressing the underlying conditions of infection and inflammation in the digestive system. This is also used frequently if the person is very malnourished or underweight, or if there is ongoing intestinal bleeding.

If the person doesn’t require anything as drastic as an elemental diet, then they just follow the Healing Diet (in Chapter 3 of Listen To Your Gut) for their symptom profile, whilst implementing the protocols below. If they do begin with an elemental diet, then they also begin simultaneously on the protocols below. If tolerated, the multi-pronged healing approach produces the quickest results.

The great news is that a number of my clients have now tested using raw milk (unpasteurized milk from pasture-fed cows) instead of Absorb Plus for their elemental diet and they have tolerated it well and shown great improvement. Others have used a combination of Absorb Plus and raw cow or goat’s milk. If this interests you, I have provided a lot of information on this innovative healing therapy at JPT Wellness Circle (I have content on raw milk therapy in the infoletter, videos, podcasts and teleseminars sections). If possible, I would encourage you to use raw milk instead of Absorb Plus, because not only is it cheaper, it is a whole, unprocessed food and therefore healthier.

Eradicating Pathogens

To get rid of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast (Candida albicans), mycobacteria and parasites, utilize Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol. If you have a mycobacterial infection, you will need to cycle on and off the Protocol for 2 –3 years to eradicate all the mycobacteria.

People generally start with Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol and then upon completion of the first cycle, move onto high dose, therapeutic probiotic s