I recently came across an article by Jonathan V. Wright MD about male circumcision. It surprised me in that it pointed out things I hadn’t known (having birthed two boys, I had researched this).

So in case you’re at all considering circumcision, or know someone who is, just pass along this short, succinct summary of the key points by Dr. Wright:

Following is just a sampling of what baby boys lose forever when they are circumcised:

• A 15-square inch piece of skin (when grown to adult size), that protects against abrasion, drying, and contaminants of all sorts

• The primary erogenous zone containing between 10,000 and 20,000 of the most important sensory components of the penis

• Much of the immunologic defense of the male sex organ, including cells which produce antibodies and bacteria-killing enzymes

• Apocrine glands which produce pheromones, nature’s invisible sexual signaling chemicals

• Lubricating glands, which protect both male and female sexual organs during intercourse

• Other research has shown that pain experienced as infants alters the entire lifetime pattern of response to pain

Do you think that if doctors explained the risks and side effects to the parents of newborns that many would go through with the procedure?

There’s a group, Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C.), that recognizes that doctors have no role to play in advocating or performing this procedure. Just as little girls should not have their genitals removed, so little boys should be left intact.

The first cut into normal genital tissue violates a child’s basic human right to an intact body. For a doctor to perform a circumcision violates all seven principles of the AMA code of ethics. Ironically, it now also violates the rules of the Nuremberg Convention…in regard to medical experimentation on unconsenting victims.

Please look at this issue carefully and decide whether you want this to happen to your children or grandchildren. It is not too late to protect the next generation. If you do study the facts, and the Internet is a good place to start, you too will have to agree with the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Doctors Opposing Circumcision has a Web site at:

It’s interesting that in our Western world pretty much everyone thinks female circumcision is horrific. The thought of cutting off a clitoris or labia is pretty much insane to us. But yet, male circumcision is viewed with equanimity by most. And certainly most feel it is the “parent’s choice”, not a violation of essential human rights.

I also find it interesting that two of the main groups who originated and promote circumcision (Muslim religion for female circumcision, Jewish religion for male circumcision), both believe in a punitive god.