When you go to the store to buy your eggs, do you feel reassured that you are paying extra for eggs labeled with any of these:

  • Cage free
  • Free Range
  • Organic

Do you think that you are voting with your wallet to speak out against factory farming and support humane, sustainable agriculture?

Guess what? You’re NOT.

This very short, yet powerful video will show you everything you need to know when buying your eggs and chickens:

For myself, I buy organic, pasture-raised eggs sold in my grocery store. And I get my chickens directly from a small farm where the chickens are entirely pasture-raised with these unique, portable roofs called Chicken Tractors – because the weather is very rainy and there a lots of eagles, coyotes and raccoons in the area.

What Should I Get?

Basically, what you need to look for are chickens and eggs that are both certified organic and true pasture-raised. Unfortunately, many small farmers cannot afford to obtain organic certification, in these cases you could just make sure the farmer raises his chickens according to organic, free-range standards, allowing his flock to forage freely for their natural diet. And make sure the chickens aren’t fed antibiotics, corn and soy (both GMO crops).

Dr. Joseph Mercola summed up the importance of this issue nicely when he said, “It is important to understand that grass-fed animals not only produce better eggs, milk & meat – but the return to native perennial grasses is key to future.  We destroyed most of the grasslands and replaced them with monocultures like corn and soy.   We then produce hydrogenated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup for human consumption, and use much of the remainder for feed in concentrated animal feeding operations.”

This is why we need to VOTE WITH OUR WALLET – because whatever we support, will thrive. And whatever we stop buying, will disappear from our planet.

And I know, that many just do not have the money to eat humane, sustainable food all the time – that’s one of the main reasons I’m creating Listen To Your Freedom. I want people like US to have plenty of money to use to change our world!