I just posted this video about why it is so necessary to use the CD-Rom that comes with the Listen To Your Gut program.

Trust me, you will get MUCH better results if you use the tools on the CD-Rom together with the book. Here’s the video that tells you why and how to use it:

Note: This may take a few moments to load – be patient, or view it directly on YouTube at:

Listen To Your Gut – CD-Rom

One more thing: a problem people have contacted us with is that when they insert the CD-Rom into their computer, they see this:

“Files Currently on the Disc (6)”

and they don’t see that three of those “files” are actually file folders.

And many don’t know that they actually have to double-click on the file folders to access the contents (all the documents) inside the folders.

So now you know!

If you still have problems, just email us: service *at* holistichealthshoppe.com

p.s. If your library doesn’t have the Revised Edition of Listen To Your Gut (the new one), just give them our email or website and get them to order it – this is normal and your library will most likely be happy to order it in for you (and others!) to read.

If you are a health professional and you maintain a lending library, then email us as we are happy to send you a complimentary copy.

all the best,