UK Retailer for Absorb Plus

Exciting times over at Imix Nutrition and I’m very pleased to announce that there is now a store in the UK that is carrying Absorb Plus for sale to both retail clients and health clinics!

This is the exact same Absorb Plus elemental shake that you would buy from our LTYG Shoppe, imported to England and warehoused there (shipped from the UK and billed in UK pounds sterling):
Click here to buy Absorb Plus in the UK

Australian ElementGold Shake

Imix has also been working with an Australian health company for the past year, developing an AU-compliant version of an elemental shake called, ElementGold. And yes, I have formulated this one too, so although some of the ingredient forms or amounts are different (due to Australian health regulations) you can be assured this elemental shake has a very similar taste and texture, and will provide the same level of bowel rest and healing.

We hope to have this new Australian elemental shake product ready for purchase by January 2017 and we will be selling it through our new Aussie LTYG Shoppe (also launching around that time). Product will be warehoused and shipped from Australia and billed in Australian dollars. So exciting!

Canadian Absorb Plus

Last, but certainly not least, Imix is also launching Absorb Plus into Canada! Also slated for January 2017, the formula is identical, but with the requisite French/English labeling and of course, approved by Canada’s Health Protection Board. As with Australia, Absorb Plus in Canada will be sold through our Canadian LTYG Shoppe; warehoused and shipped from Canada (free for orders of $99 or more) and billed in Canadian dollars.

Less Shipping & Customs Fees!

It has been a busy and exciting year getting all of these elemental shakes ready and available in your local markets so you don’t get hammered with shipping/customs fees – so thanks to everyone for your patience and if you have any questions or concerns just contact Justin or our team:

  • via the blue chat box in the bottom right corner
  • or by emailing: service@listentoyourgut.com
  • or calling toll-free: 1-888-866-7745
  • or local: 1-360-305-3245
  • or, post your Comment/question below!