The FCC (another governmental body that is supposed to protect you) has just approved – with NO debate or scientific inquiry – the rollout of 5G technology which will blanket all planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies – 24Ghz and up – even in rural areas. The fact that these frequencies have never been tested as safe is not even a concern…


But this is of great concern to me, not just from a health perspective, but also from a spying/tracking perspective. If insurance companies are already creeping your Facebook page to adjust your premium accordingly, how much more scope will a networked system of everyone being tracked with microchips render these companies and others like them?

From every perspective that matters, this is insanity! And for what? What is the ONE benefit that the industry is promising you?

Faster Wifi

Really?? You’d give up your health, your privacy, allow yourself to be manipulated, coerced and penalized all for faster screen time?

Here’s how crazy this whole paradigm is: Fiber optic (which is what my household runs on) is already MUCH faster than any WiFi, doesn’t glitch or drop out in the middle of a download and is 100% secure and private. In fact, our local WiFi industry head offices run on… fiber optic cable! They don’t even use WiFi themselves because anyone can hack your computer and there is no security for your passwords, banking data, correspondence etc. using WiFi. Period.

And do my kids complain that we don’t have WiFi in the house? You bet! Because they want to be able to radiate themselves – oops I mean go online – without having to shift their butt 5 feet to the left or right.

inventorDTAt the end of the day, this whole issue is like lighting our house, or driving our car. No one is saying we should go without these things. But are there ways you can run your dishwasher and drive to work that do NOT harm the environment, other creatures and degrade your own health? Of course!

The current unregulated, untested microwave radiation system for WiFi and cellphone usage is the cheap, easy and harmful way to deploy these technologies. Do you think inventors could come up with safer devices and networks? Of course! But why spend more money when the public happily consumes the cheap, dangerous stuff?

Yet again, the power lies with EACH one of us. Vote with your wallet. Lobby your political leaders, cancel your WiFi and switch to cable, don’t use a cellphone at home – or only when you go outside and make sure it’s on speakerphone and away from your body. Get your corded landline back and use that as your primary telephone. Send a clear message that the until the industry comes up with a SAFE technology, you will not give them your money.

It really is that simple.

Say out loud: I AM the change I want to see/live/be in this world. I AM.

And then match your actions to your words.

Read this fantastic article for the full information on what this technology will mean for your health and your family and how you can make your voice heard. Please, do not trade your health for money or convenience.