We are thrilled to announce that LTYG now has a store in the UK which carries an elemental shake product called Absorb Element+!

Absorb Element+ (or AE+) is almost identical to the US version, Absorb Plus, it just does not contain vanadium or boron – as EU regulations do not permit them in food supplements. Everything else is exactly the same!

However, just in case you still want to buy from our LTYG Shoppe and have the product couriered to the UK, one of our customers shared a little trick they discovered to enable you to import more than 2 tubs at a time.

Currently, Defra only allows the import of two (2) full-size Absorb Plus containers per shipment due to regulations on whey protein. A number of customers have obtained import licenses from Defra which raise the allowable import quantity to ten (10) containers and one customer was kind enough to share a quick “How-to”. If you’re interested in obtaining an import license yourself for this purpose, the instructions are below:

STEP ONE: Go to the defra website and obtain form IV58 from the link below:


Although it is an 11 page form, apart from filling in your name and address on page 1, ‘not applicable’ applies to nearly all of the questions. You’ll also have to email a link with the list of ingredients in the product and clarify that it is for personal use and to treat a medical condition. Here’s the link you need where you can find the ingredients:


STEP TWO: You can then e-mail the completed form and ingredient link to the following people along with an explanation of why you are applying for the import license (a supplement for personal use and to treat a medical condition) in order to complete the process:


The e-mail addresses above are current at the time of this blog post but you may need to visit the pages below if you do not receive a response:


(You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to the contact information)