herbal-tea-cancer-natural-remediesIf you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, where do you start? What are the alternative therapies with the highest success rates?

In this podcast, Jim Ehmke – who has trained directly with Dr. William Donald Kelley and is fluent in Dr. Simoncini’s protocols, among many others – gives us the benefit of his 30+ years of using alternative treatment protocols with cancer clients.

Learn the multi-pronged approach necessary when treating any form of cancer and if you don’t have cancer, then begin using these tools now as a preventative.

Just click the play button below to get all the details…

The Best Alternative Treatments For Cancer
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One thought on “The Best Alternative Treatments For Cancer

  • Hi Jini,
    Loved your conversation with Jim Ehmke.Brilliant!
    Since my father passed away 3 years ago,from bowel cancer, i have researched ‘alternative cancer therapies’.
    I have gained much knowledge & understanding of what causes cancer & the treatment options & many ‘clinics’,for treatment.
    (mostly in Mexico).
    I have purchased many brilliant books by Bill Henderson,Ty Bollinger,Charlotte gerson,Joanna budwig,jim Humble,& the cancer tutor site.

    I wish i could talk to Jim,but i am in Australia.
    I love your website & will keep returning to it every day to gain more knowledge & share with like minded friends in Australia

    Thanking you


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