Too funny – A new study from Boston University has found a correlation between people who use non-stick (T-Fal, Teflon, etc.) cookware and higher levels of “bad” HDL cholesterol. So, ironically, a major promotion tactic of non-stick cookware has been that if you use them, you can use less butter, oil, etc. and thereby reduce your calorie intake and “eat healthier”. NOT!!

Okay, so it’s a preliminary study and not conclusive, but still, it’s something to keep an eye on.

In Listen To Your Gut, I take you through your kitchen and (for other proven reasons) one of the items on your checklist is getting rid of non-stick cookware, bakeware, etc. and replacing them with healthy alternatives (like cast iron and low nickel-content stainless steel).

Other sources of this non-stick coating you may not be aware of include glossy paper plates, microwave popcorn bags (not that you should be using a microwave anyway) and any other processed food that comes in a lined package to prevent leakage.

At any rate, as long as you’re cooking and baking with good, healthy oils and fats, you can and should use plenty of them to lubricate your pans. See my video about this: