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Elemental Diet: A Guide for Understanding the Body’s Intolerance vs. Herxheimer

The Only Elemental Diet Guide You Will Need! Embarking on an elemental diet can be transformative, but questions often arise about tolerances and healing processes. Let's explore insights from a recent video I released on YouTube, where I answered my TOP reader questions about the Elemental Diet. Check out the video below: Frequently Asked Questions [...]

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Scar Tissue Protocols, Jini’s Journey, Elemental Diets & the Subconscious

In this podcast, health coach and yoga teacher Cate Stillman interviews me after she discovered my work during a search for help with scar tissue protocols and adhesions. So a lot of the podcast is us discussing my protocols for reducing or dissolving scar tissue, and why surgery is not usually the solution. But we [...]

Personal Health Consults – Collaboration with Dane & Linsy

Personal Health Support and Legal Boundaries You likely already know that I am not legally able to give personal health advice - I am not a licensed healthcare professional - I am simply a layperson, a journalist, sharing my personal journey and opinion 😉 However, of course I understand how valuable it can be to [...]

Lymphoma or Not? The Body Is The Messenger for the Subconscious

Listen to Your Body Did I have lymphoma, or did I not? Does an official medical diagnosis even matter? Serious transformation becomes possible when we choose to view our symptoms as messages from our body; our deeper wisdom, our higher self, our subconscious. My body is speaking to me... what is it saying? When we [...]

By |November 22nd, 2023|Body Work, Mind/Body/Spirit Healing, Tapping|4 Comments

Does Bentonite Put Lead Into Your Stomach?

Is bentonite clay a beneficial substance? Is it good for detoxing the body, addressing diarrhea, chelating heavy metals? Or does it cause a heavy metal problem? One of my readers asked this question after reading my research post on Bentonite Clay for gut problems: "I’m hoping you can clarify whether the statements (see below snippet) [...]

Why You Must Clear Pathogens Before or During an Elemental Diet

This reader's experience shows why it is absolutely crucial to use Jini's Wild Oregano Oil Protocol - or the anti-pathogen treatment of your choice - before, and/or during an elemental diet. "I started the Elemental diet for over 7 weeks. I experienced persistent weight loss and eventually could barely stomach water. I was offered hospitalization [...]

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