childhood-obesityDr. Silvio Najt is board certified in Cardiology (with a specialization in Emergency Medicine) and he shares with Jini Patel Thompson his views on “high cholesterol” and the mis-use of statin drugs. Prepare to be informed, amazed and maybe a little bit shocked…..

Find out what you can do and what you can eat to naturally bring your cholesterol into a healthy range. And as a side note, if you have high cholesterol, then make doubly sure you are not using teflon-coated pans or bakeware – due to the link between PFCs and high HDL cholesterol.

Please Note: English is not Dr. Najt’s first language (although he did live and practice medicine in the U.S. for numerous years) – so please be patient with his pronunciation.

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One last thing, my friend Carolyn Dean MD, ND also has an excellent approach to cholesterol, here it is:

People often tell me about the pressure they feel from doctors to
take statin drug medication for their cholesterol. The minute their
blood test is above 220, their doctors scare them into taking drugs
saying they can get a heart attack if they don’t. Then every chest
pain or feeling of tiredness sends them into a panic.

There is so much wrong with this black and white approach to
cholesterol that it’s hard to know where to being so I’ll give you
some facts in point form.

1. In 1913 a Russian study found that rabbits fed cholesterol
developed yellow plaque in their arteries. However, the cholesterol they were fed was rancid and led directly to the abnormal finding. But by the time those facts were revealed, cholesterol’s fate was sealed. It became the bad guy and the “cause” of heart disease.

2. We require cholesterol as the main building block to make all our hormones. When cholesterol is down, so is your libido.

3. Cholesterol coats every cell in the body with a fatty membrane. This is especially important for brain cells. The brain is a very fatty tissue!

4. Cholesterol is an important antioxidant and when it’s elevated that can be a sign of toxicity. If your cholesterol is high, that’s when you go on a detox program. It’s NOT the time to take a toxic drug.

5. Cholesterol becomes elevated due to stress because stress
produces toxins in the body that require cholesterol to act as an antioxidant.

5. When I was in medical school the “normal” cholesterol was around 250. The new “normal” cholesterol promoted by drug companies is under 200 with 180 being considered ideal. Hammering cholesterol down with statin drugs is the wrong approach.

6. Statin drug side effects are painful muscles and muscle damage, nerve damage, impotence and memory impairment. Muscle pain is treated with anti-inflammatories–that’s until they are taken off the market for causing heart disease. Impotence is treated with Viagra. And memory impairment is treated with Alzheimer’s drugs. It’s a win win for the drug companies. But what about you…

What do I recommend?

1. Pay attention to your diet. I am not an enemy of eggs – see
Point 1 above. Trans fats and rancid fats and oils (in baked goods and fried foods) are the main culprits in raising your cholesterol.

2. Magnesium is a mineral that acts like a natural statin and helps balance cholesterol in the body.

3. Detoxification with clay baths or footbaths. See my ‘resources page’:

4. Red Rice Yeast with CoQ10 is a natural plant statin and can
lower cholesterol more naturally than statins. I recommend it if detoxification, stress reduction and magnesium aren’t enough.

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Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future

Important note: Dr. Najt passed away in late 2016.

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