I recently received this email from a reader and I just had to share because it made me laugh!

I wanted to send Jini a personal thank you note. It is long overdue but I’ve been motivated by the fact that she has helped me again recently and so I must send this thanks.

I had been diagnosed with SIBO, treated, then symptoms returned, and then diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I was doing well though and managing through diet (low fodmap). Then 5 years ago, I got an infection on the outside of my ear and the doctor prescribed Clindomysin antibiotic – and all hell broke loose. I had a five year old child and I was a teacher, and I got very sick. I couldn’t eat and I lost 15-20 pounds.

The only way I found my way back was through Jini’s Listen to Your Gut Book. I started the Natren probiotics (which I still special order) and followed the guidelines in the book. It took over a year (and I do also take Lialda for inflammation in the gut), but I would have been lost without that book and advice. Sometimes I would just read it to help me relax, and know I had a plan. I especially appreciated the tough love. Do you want to get better, or do you want to be sick? You have to make changes if you want to get better!

Since then, I’ve been doing well. But recently I’ve been teaching online, and I’m having terrible problems with one of my eyes. I wake up at night and the lid is stuck to my eyeball! I went to the doctor and have all kinds of eye drops, but nothing was working. So, I went on LTYG Shoppe and looked to see if there were any drops recommended, and I ordered the ones there. Two days later my eye is SO MUCH BETTER.

My husband made the joke that Jini is my Windex. Makes everything better!

Anyway this is my long overdue thanks for helping me through the last 5 years. I’ve given your book to countless friends and tell anyone I meet that has any kind of digestive issue about your book! And now I’ll tell them about these eye drops!

  • K.D.

Thank you so much for your lovely email and I’m so, so pleased for you!!

I love your husband’s joke – that’s awesome LOL.

And yes, the eye drops are excellent. Did you know about the Home Remedies section on my website? Everything on there is tried-and-tested, and there’s an easy drop-down list so you can easily see everything I have treatments for – from vomiting flu, to acne, to back pain! It’s all free, so a great resource for you and your friends.

All of the natural remedies on this site are first tested on me or my family, then on my friends, then they are tested by my readers, and lastly they are posted for your benefit – that’s what I mean when I say tried-and-tested!

I also do encourage you to take the final step and wean off all drugs…my own doc can guide you.

Or perhaps there are emotional issues holding you in place – have you tried a free session at my new Lazer Tapping program yet? You can choose from either:

  • Learn to feel okay saying “No” and set healthy boundaries
  • Improve self-confidence, release “I am not ____ enough”

You can also find some guided meditations, and my other favorite mind/body tools in this section of my blog. Root-level, long-term healing comes from healing ALL levels of the self. We must go into the emotional and spiritual aspects or messages of our dis-ease as well.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful journey – big hugs to both you and your hubby!