A recent Sorry game – note the smaller box

Okay, time for a quick little rant here: How many of you still have your favorite board games from when you were a kid?

We have Monopoly, Sorry and Stock Ticker – all now over 30 years old and our kids play them over at Nana and Grandada’s house. The pieces haven’t broken, the cards are still in good shape, etc.

Now, how about buying those same board games today?

First of all the boards are all chopped up into squares, folded 3 times, rather than just a nice, sturdy center fold. The boards are about half the thickness (or less), the pieces are the cheapest plastic that break quickly and the cards are even wafer thin and poorly laminated – they bend (and stay bent) just from shuffling them normally!

Every board game we’ve bought in the last five years falls apart in no time. Oh, I lie, we did buy a special version of Scrabble 10 years ago (with real wooden pieces and holders) that’s still in great shape – although, no wait, the bag was crap so I had to sew a new one, which of course is still good (since I used good quality material and sewed it well).

My point is this: I would happily pay double, or triple the going rate for decent, old-style quality board games! And I bet I’m not alone in this.

If they can’t produce a good quality product at the current price point, then why don’t all these toy companies come out with “heirloom” versions of our favorite games? Charge us what the good quality products are worth and we’ll be happy to pay it.

Anyone work for a toy company??

Why Are Board Games Such Poor Quality?
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8 thoughts on “Why Are Board Games Such Poor Quality?

  • This may be true of mainstream games, but games companies such as Fantasy Flight and Days of Wonder produce great games with excellent production standards and hiqh quality components.

  • Basic reason – they are punching out as many copies as possible through people like Toys R’Us because it’s the best way to get the margins up. Lower cost, better quality and cheaper to produce mainstream.

    Garry has it right though. The specialty game companies are doing some great products that will last a while.

    Also, Hasbro has launched a few “Vintage” edition of games for Monopoly, Sorry! and others. I would run a search on google for those games using that term – we used to have copies of the Vintage Monopoly but sold out sadly. We do have a Sorry! copy in though.

  • Zelosport makes fun , interactive finger sports games that are played on a very durable board. Here is some background on the company. Feel free to check out their web site at http://www.zelosport.com

    Columbus, Georgia based Zelosport has transformed the age-old pastime of paper football into a series of finger sports games for all ages. Now sports fans can enjoy football, baseball, soccer, and golf at the convenience of the kitchen table.

    The company was founded in 2004 and is on the verge of unprecedented growth. Zelosport already has license deals with the 32 NFL teams, over 70 collegiate teams the PGA. In addition, Zelosport has inked an endorsement deal with Brett Favre. Recently, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service ordered 10,000 games to send overseas to the troops. In 2007, their finger baseball game won toy of the year from Family Fun Magazine.

    Pepsi even contacted the company and asked if they could use the games in all their in-store displays for the Super Bowl!

    Zelosport’s mission is to create products that put families back together again in the kitchens and living rooms playing wholesome games and building lasting memories. All of Zelosport’s games provide a level playing field. Regardless of size, shape, athletic skills or ability, everyone has the same chance at winning.

  • Our family loves educational board games. Hi Ho Cherry-o, Robbin’ Eggs and especially Wild Craft are some of our family favorites. I would love it if you came up with a child friendly board game along the same vein as your shart stories (which our family adores(0: ) or something that helps children learn how to listen to their gut and care for their bodies in a fun approachable way. Sign me up for that!(0:

  • That’s a really great suggestion Samantha! I’ll let that percolate… and let me know if you or your kids come up with any ideas… hugs, Jini

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