Many of you are juggling a variety of different supplements and/or protocols and there is often confusion as to the most effective way to schedule them. Fortunately, Jini wrote a fantastic post at her blog that covers this problem in detail.

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If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can e-mail me at and I will do my best to help you find some answers. I am not a health professional, however.

Supplements: Which ones should I take, when should I take them, and where can I find answers?

3 thoughts on “Supplements: Which ones should I take, when should I take them, and where can I find answers?

  • Hi there,
    I wrote to the service email of the holistic health shoppe and was told to try submitting a question here.
    My problem is not anything to do with IBS and the like, however it it very close to the descriptions of the symptoms and problems.

    I am suffering from a bad bout of Graft versus Host Disease(GVHD), following a bone marrow transplant i underwent four years ago.

    The disease has greatly affected my gut, with my absorption greatly diminished which has caused me to lose a substantial amount of weight, have acute exzema, skin tightening and thickening especially at my feet and legs, skin discoloration, joint stiffening, raw mouth(can’t eat spicy foods), extremely dry eyes with photophobia,and lately due to constipation an abcess that formed a fistula.

    I am wondering if Absorb plus is suitable for me, as i am taking immunosuppressents and steroids in low doses to cope. In addition. i am eating well with a good appetite due to the steroids, but weightwise it has made only a slight difference. I am seeking help on the diet i should take, as in how many shakes to go with my 3 to 5 meals that i am currently consuming.

    I have a lot of faith in your products and efforts, and i am simply looking for guidance. Please get back to me.

  • Hi Jini,
    I am planning to do your full elemental diet for a minimum of 6 weeks in the hopes to put my chronic active uc which hasnt really been in remission since 2001. Due to the ongoing active disease, i have severe inflammation and structual damage which i am hoping to heal with your protocol. I have had frequent, constant diareah day/night throughout this entire time. I dont even remember what a normal formed stool looks like! Further, i have a rectal stricture. Please advise how i would take the probiotics, herbs you recommend for uc and do the wild oregano proctol all at the same time whilst on the full elemental diet as i wont be consuming any food?
    Please also advise how long is the maximum time i can safely do the full elemental diet for?
    Thank you soo much jini, you are my last hope. Due to the structual damage and because i am unresponsive to all uc meds, the surgeons just want to remove my entire bowel.

    1. Hello Angie,

      Great to hear you found Jini’s information to guide you in your healing. The best recommendations on how to take the different supplements can be found here:
      There is no exact maximum time, as we have had people that felt so great with the full elemental diet that have done it for months at a time. The only concern with doing this is we recommend at some point, when a person is able to build up to it, to get as many of their vitamins and nutrients from food as they are able to after the diet. The average person does the diet for 6 weeks, however Jini did do it at one time for 9 weeks before.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions. We would love to hear how the diet and protocols work out for you.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

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