I am just crazy for this pre-soaked, sprouted bean/lentil product. Of course, it’s organic, but it’s also available for a great price at Costco! It’s the TruRoots Organic Sprouted Bean Trio and it contains mung beans, green lentils and adzuki beans.

Most of us know we should be eating beans and lentils once our guts have stabilized to the point where they can digest them. But whilst your gut may not be able to handle canned beans, it may be just fine with this product as the beans and lentils are already soaked and sprouted – thus making them much easier to digest.

In a perfect world you would have enough time to soak and sprout your own beans and lentils, but for many of us, that extra step means we avoid these highly nutritious foods. Which is the other reason I LOVE this product – it’s actually easier and faster to make than rice!

Also, if you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Body and you’re trying his weight loss plan, then these are your carb component – and they are way healthier than restaurant or canned varieties.

The manufacturer gives you these great ways to use the Sprouted Bean Trio:

  • Puree with olive oil for a spread or dip [I add Moroccan or kalamata olives to mine as well]
  • Wrap into a tortilla with salsa and avocado
  • Cook into a pilaf with rice and spices
  • Toss with herbs and a light salad dressing
  • Pack into a pita pocket with greens and dressing
  • Mix into rice or barley or other grains side dishes

But I have developed some favorite recipes of my own to incorporate this product – that even my kids will eat:




Original post November 2011. Most recently updated November 2019.