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Flu Pandemics – What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

When I first published this blog post, I had come across a news article from Associated Press (AP - one of the major news feed services to all large newspapers across North America and worldwide) that raised alarm about a new bird/pig/human hybrid virus that was sweeping through Mexico killing healthy, strong people (2009). At [...]

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The Truth About Vaccines – Video Series

Vaccinating children is a very controversial topic these days but Ty Bollinger wants to clear the air. He is the host of an upcoming video series titled "The Truth About Vaccines" where he will discuss the history of vaccines, vaccine risks and safety concerns, and the full list of options and alternatives. Here's an excerpt [...]

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Gardasil Researcher Explains Dangers & Damage of HPV Vaccine

Speaking of "world is flat" issues... have you seen the latest press release from one of the creators of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil)? You know, the one where she says - OKAY, oops, stop press!! I was just going to quote from the article and link to it, but, surprise, surprise, the article has disappeared! [...]

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Vaccine Safety

This is awesome! Dr. Andrew Wakefield (prominent GI who was viciously attacked by drug/med establishment for daring to suggest even the *possibility* of a link between MMR vaccine and IBD) finally gets to tell his side of the story and what exactly has been happening. He's so articulate and this info is GOLD:  If [...]

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Forced Vaccination – How To Stop It

Things are really heating up in the vaccine arena. Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutically-funded organizations (like FDA, CDC, WHO) are really racheting up the pressure on citizens to get vaccinated against flu bugs. They have leveraged all the fear and hype (created by THEIR advertising, PR, control of media, etc.) around the swine flu to actually try [...]

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$200,000 to Any MD Who’ll Self-Vaccinate

Author and activist, Jock Doubleday recently sent out this press release about his Vaccine Challenge - where he challenges any US medical doctor or BigPharma CEO to drink the exact same chemicals they're currently injecting into infants and he'll pay them $200,000.00! Why will no doctor or pharmaceutical exec in the USA do it?? * [...]

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More Proof Of The Dangers Of Vaccination

Those of you who have read my book, Listen To Your Gut or my article, Should I Vaccinate My Child? know that I extensively researched this issue when my first child was born and based on the evidence, decided not to vaccinate any of my three children. This 90 minute video also provides a great [...]

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Measles, Vaccination & Misinformation

My husband sent me a link to this article - he was astute enough to label it "how to use the media to spread fear": The article is supposedly letting us know that we're in serious danger of a catastrophic measles outbreak now that many are choosing not to vaccinate their children. HOWEVER, the [...]

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