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Before & After Examples of Supplement Schedules

Even though I've already written a detailed blog post about this topic, I KNOW how difficult it can be to set up your supplement schedule! It's very hard to hold in your head (simultaneously) all the supplements that can work synergistically together, the ones that are best taken with food, the ones that must be [...]

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Confusing Supplement Schedule – 4 Simplifying Tips

Hi everyone! It’s Linsy from LTYG. Being involved in natural healing can sometimes mean taking a LOT of supplements. If you know - you know!! And if you've already read Jini's post on how to navigate around confusing supplement schedules, you know there can be a lot to remember. When do you take which supplements? [...]

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VIDEO: Top Supplements for Crohns, Colitis, IBS & How to Use Them

This is a video of a presentation I gave to health store owners at the CHFA West conference about how to help clients who walk in with gut disorders. In it, I talk about the most effective supplements for IBD/IBS, Crohn's and colitis - and tips and tricks on how to use them. If you [...]

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Confusing Supplement Schedule – HELP!

Questions I get on Natural Healing Knowing when to take your supplements and creating a schedule can be confusing. These are questions I get regularly from my readers regarding natural healing: What do you do if some of your supplements are not compatible with each other? How do you figure out when to take all [...]

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Nanoparticle Trace Minerals Supplement

The Minerals of Life Trace Minerals contain most of the minerals (64 in total) that used to be present in our soil, before industrial agriculture, mono-crops and widespread pesticide use degraded our soil. And they are all in a naturally-occurring, nanoparticle or angstrom sized form, for instant absorption into the cells, no digestion required. As [...]

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L-Glutamine Safe For Kids

L-Glutamine Safe For Kids Some readers have asked about if L-Glutamine is safe for kids, based on an article that appeared on Dr. Joseph Mercola's website. But again, read through it carefully and you'll see that this is only an issue when intake exceeds need. Otherwise, there is no excess and the body utilizes it [...]

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Pharmaceuticals Battle Against Supplements

You may have noticed this already: Whenever a natural supplement or herbal medicine becomes well-known and widely used, with lots of evidence piling up for its efficacy - there will then be a slew of media releases in newspapers, magazines, and TV news reports, discrediting that natural medicine. Or, the FDA will ban the substance [...]

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