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You Saved My Life: Father of Two — Reader Story

I always ask for feedback about a month after someone's bought one of my books. This is the opportunity for me to hear what's working, what isn't, and if there are things missing from the book or protocol instructions. This is one of the things that's made these natural healing protocols so powerful - detailed [...]

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The Story of The Pencil – Inspiration and Encouragement

This short story is excerpted from Paulo Coelho’s book on short stories and reflections, Like the Flowing River. I think all of us who are on a Healing Journey can especially relate to the Second Quality - something to reflect back on when times get tough, or maybe you're in a tough time right now. [...]

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Storytelling Best Way To Sell

David Ogilvy was one of the first big advertising guys to prove that storytelling (a full page worth of small-font text) sold extremely well. When we think of story-based advertising, we often think of those mile-long internet sales letters, or slick ads in niche-market magazines. But these two examples show the unmatched power of storytelling [...]

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