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Vegan (Non-Dairy) Shakes for Meal Replacement or Weight Gain

Sticking to a vegan diet can make it challenging to gain weight without ingesting a lot of grains (oatmeal, wheat, rice) which are not good for your gut - and when you're dealing with IBS or IBD, your body often cannot tolerate legumes (beans, lentils, soy, etc), so you can get locked in a downward [...]

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Easily Tolerated Weight Gain Shakes

I recently had a reader who's doing well in his Healing Journey, but he still needs to gain about 15 pounds. He also still has to be careful about what he eats, so needs easily-tolerated, yet high nutrient foods. Notice I'm not just talking about calories - I'm talking about nutrition. Because we want to [...]

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Eco-Friendly Straws for Daily Shakes and Smoothies

If you're using your LTYG BlenderBottle to have a super nutritious shake every day - or perhaps you're on the IBD Remission Diet and drinking 6-8 elemental shakes per day, then you may be feeling uneasy about the number of plastic drinking straws you're using and throwing into landfills! I know, I know, we don't [...]

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All About Elemental Diets

This is a great podcast with me (Jini Patel Thompson) and my assistant, Nicole Paull, called All About Elemental Diets. This is from our LTYG Wellness Circle, but we decided to make it available to everyone since we get these questions all the time. We discuss the most common questions, difficulties, tips and tricks for [...]

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