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Natural Rectal Prolapse Treatment

What is Rectal Prolapse? Let's start by giving you an overview and causes of rectal prolapse, so you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Then we will discuss the natural treatments for rectal prolapse. Although, further down, I am also going to talk about rectocele - so if that's your condition, then stay with me. [...]

By |2023-11-22T09:48:18-08:00November 4th, 2020|

Mineral Deficiency and Types of Constipation

When it comes to mineral deficiency, low potassium can cause constipation. There is a constant outflow of potassium from the intestinal muscle cell to the outside of the cell. When blood potassium is low, more potassium leaves the cell. As more potassium flows out of the cell, it makes the cell more resistant to the [...]

By |2023-01-31T16:42:40-08:00January 1st, 2020|
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