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A Short Film to Encourage You on your Healing Journey

Some of you may have seen this short video already - I created it years ago as a resource for people to watch whenever they were feeling down, discouraged, or when it seemed like their Healing Journey was taking forever. I just re-formatted it and uploaded it to YouTube so it's easier to watch and [...]

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Crohns Colitis Movie Trailer

WOW!! I think this trailer for Reid Bryant Kimball's upcoming documentary film on alternative treatments for Crohn's and colitis is fantastic! And I can't wait to be able to watch the whole film. Let me know what you think....(in the COMMENTS section below...) WANTED: Crohn's End - Trailer "Take Control" from Reid Bryant Kimball. And [...]

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Healing Journey Movie

For those of you who missed my email about my Healing Journey Movie - I've also posted it here. Here are some comments from people who've watched it: "I loved the movie. It reminded me to just slow down and really appreciate the wonderful moments each day. "Stop and smell the roses" really applies to [...]

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Crohn’s Colitis Documentary

Just spent a day in L.A. being interviewed by Reid B. Kimball - who is making a documentary film on alternative treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. Reid is a real sweetheart, very down-to-earth and his sincerity shines through every question he asks. After 3 hours of that, he interviewed Natasha Trenev, the founder of Natren [...]

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