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I Will Not Take Anymore Drugs to Treat Colitis!

We just received this fantastic review in our Shoppe: "Taking the Natren Healthy Start System Tripack probiotics couple with the Joy of the Mountain Wild Oil of Oregano, my bleeding stopped in less than a week. My severe pain was gone on my left side within two weeks. Within five weeks, I was completely regular [...]

By |2023-02-15T08:07:33-08:00February 3rd, 2016|

Better Than Prednisone, Humira, Remicade!

Now here's something that can do MORE for your health than any drug currently prescribed for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Anyone with IBD, or IBS, knows that stress is the number one trigger for a flare. But what if, right now, you could re-frame that trigger to a new reality of: This is my body helping [...]

By |2023-02-23T09:15:39-08:00February 7th, 2014|

Auto Industry vs Pharmaceuticals

____________________________________________________ IF THE AUTO INDUSTRY OPERATED LIKE A PHARMACEUTICAL FIRM... ____________________________________________________ This is a really fun (but at the same time sobering) article that highlights some of the problems with prescription drugs - use, manufacture, sale, price, etc. On the positive side, as with anything in our world (factory farming, cell phone towers, GMO foods, [...]

By |2023-03-08T12:59:45-08:00December 20th, 2010|

Vitamin C Makes Antibiotics Stronger

Following is a fantastic article showing that high dose vitamin C greatly improves the efficacy of antibiotics. Similarly, since Wild Oregano Oil is also an antibiotic, it too should be potentized if taken with high doses of vitamin C. Shortly after the birth of my third child, Hugo, I had to go to the hospital [...]

By |2023-03-08T13:01:54-08:00October 26th, 2010|
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