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Meditation Improves Crohn’s Colitis Symptoms and Gene Expression!

Many of you who read this blog and my books already have a good understanding of how important mind/body integration is to the healing process. Well, here's a study from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center showing how the relaxation response (meditation) can not just alleviate pain, anxiety and reduce [...]

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Guided Healing Meditation – Breath, Pain Body, Chi/Ki/Prana

I created this video just for you - my readers - something powerful, but not too long! Join me as I lead you in a Guided Healing Meditation with my herd of medicine horses. Let the sounds of horses hooves, munching hay, birds singing... sink you deeper into connection with Chi/Ki/Prana/God. Meditating is a way [...]

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Horse Meditation Circle – New Healing Technique

Well, I thought I was hosting a meditation circle with my horses and my friend Katie Hess and her crew from Lotus Wei (flower essence energetic medicine) who were visiting Vancouver on their Flower Lounge tour. But the horses (surprise, surprise) had other ideas and instead used the opportunity to teach the group a powerful [...]

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30 Minute Free Guided Healing Meditation – For the Gut & Whole Body

This video is brought to you by REACH - a private practice based in the UK made up of over 65 practitioners specialising in a range of disciplines which include: counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, nutrition and mind-body medicine, among others. Their underpinning belief is that synergy is the answer - the panacea for all ills. [...]

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Child Me vs. Adult Me in the Healing Journey

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is a medical doctor, but also very committed to his own growth and healing in all areas of his life. I was frustrated because in spite of the extensive work I've done around issues of not feeling safe, I had once again dropped [...]

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Synergistic Healing – Meditation, Prana, EFT

Annabel Fisher and I did a presentation together at the Canadian EFT Gathering a couple weeks ago - where I presented the theory behind combining more than one powerful healing tool together, for a synergistic effect that greatly maximizes the healing possible. Synergy is where 1+1 does not equal 2, it equals 5. So EFT [...]

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Numerology Forecast for July 2008

This is really fun, it’s from my friend Aileen Nobles (psychic and EFT therapist) – ENJOY! YOUR JULY NUMEROLOGY FORECAST To find your personal forecast add the day and month of your birth date. Continue adding until you get a single digit. [...]

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