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New Facebook LTYG Private Group

I want to share some exciting news with y'all, which you may not already know if you do not follow us on Facebook... As of this week, Savannah (my assistant) and I created a private group for the Listen to Your Gut community (both newcomers and long-time readers) to share their experiences, show their support [...]

By |2023-01-31T16:36:21-08:00January 17th, 2020|

Celebrate The New LTYG Site With Us!

Double YAY as our new LTYG site is finally UP and live!! It has so many new goodies for you, please watch this video where I show you how to find what you need and where all the freebies are (note: If you just want to know how the new LTYG Shoppe works, then skip [...]

By |2023-03-02T09:01:23-08:00September 19th, 2012|

NEW LTYG Site Coming Soon…

I have been working like a DOG on this new site and I am SO excited about it! For those of you who have been frustrated trying to shop (or find things) in our antiquated Holistic Health Shoppe - you are going to go crazy for our brand new state-of-the-art Shoppe! You can also do [...]

By |2023-03-02T09:02:52-08:00August 15th, 2012|

Do Not Take Other Remedies On LTYG Program

On page 55 of my book about natural healing for digestive diseases, Listen To Your Gut, I give clear directions that you must not use any other supplements on the LTYG program UNTIL you have given the protocols a chance to work and your condition has stabilized. THEN you can go ahead and test other [...]

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