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Inspirational Healing Thoughts

Here's a great video combining some powerful, positive, healing thoughts with beautiful images and colors. Use this whenever you need to shift some negativity. Or when you're feeling discouraged and need a bit of a re-set:

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The Story of The Pencil – Inspiration and Encouragement

This short story is excerpted from Paulo Coelho’s book on short stories and reflections, Like the Flowing River. I think all of us who are on a Healing Journey can especially relate to the Second Quality - something to reflect back on when times get tough, or maybe you're in a tough time right now. [...]

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Crohns Colitis Movie Trailer

WOW!! I think this trailer for Reid Bryant Kimball's upcoming documentary film on alternative treatments for Crohn's and colitis is fantastic! And I can't wait to be able to watch the whole film. Let me know what you think....(in the COMMENTS section below...) WANTED: Crohn's End - Trailer "Take Control" from Reid Bryant Kimball. And [...]

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