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Natural Remedies for Leaky Gut Syndrome

By the time people find their way to my Crohn’s, colitis, and diverticulitis treatments, their bacterial flora is usually unbalanced throughout their gastrointestinal tract. The repeated use of antibiotics (often since childhood) and the invasive medical diagnostic tests alone have destroyed much of the “good” (protective) bacteria in their small and large intestines. When the [...]

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Help for Ongoing Gut Issues

Need help for ongoing gut issues? I want to share this email from a reader because I think his issues and questions are common to anyone with gut issues - whether they have SIBO, IBS, colitis, diverticulitis, etc. His plan is a good one - and as you can see, he has experienced some really [...]

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Jini’s 8 Key Steps to Healing IBD & IBS Naturally

"I remember the first time my doctor insisted I have surgery. This was before the internet (so I had no way of researching on my own), and I asked my GI for some more information. He loaded me up with a stack of textbooks and his research reports, and you bet I took it home [...]

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What Causes IBS?

When you're trying to figure out what caused your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you may be looking for just one trigger, or defining event. However, neither dis-ease, nor healing is usually that simple. Let's go through a bit of a process here - stay with me, it's useful, I promise - and then we'll get [...]

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VIDEO: Top Supplements for Crohns, Colitis, IBS & How to Use Them

This is a video of a presentation I gave to health store owners at the CHFA West conference about how to help clients who walk in with gut disorders. In it, I talk about the most effective supplements for IBD/IBS, Crohn's and colitis - and tips and tricks on how to use them. If you [...]

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IBS and Gut Infection in my Dog? Please help!

Audelina, Jini, Tiah (c) Linda Bickerton-Ross As a reader of mine, you may already know that my family consists of two dogs, two cats, and 11 horses. That being said, when this email came through OF COURSE I wanted to do whatever I could to help ASAP! Although legally I really can't provide [...]

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How to use an Elemental Diet to Treat SIBO & IBS

Join me as a guest on The SIBO Survivor Show, as I discuss with Josh Sabourin the various ways to use an elemental or semi-elemental diet with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)! What is an elemental diet? An elemental diet is made of the essential nutrients - protein (predigested; di-peptide [...]

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Best Probiotic Species and Dosing for IBS

I have an entire book tailored specifically to treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Listen To Your IBS: Your Complete Natural Healing Guide. But for those of you who need specific help on using probiotics to improve your gut microflora, I've pulled out some great info for you here... But before we get to that, keep in [...]

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Jini Patel Thompson and Dane Johnson talk probiotics

In this video, Jini and Dane talk about probiotics, their personal healing journeys, and general gut health: Some of the topics Jini, Dane discuss about probiotics during this conversation are: How probiotics are the new money makers How to start with probiotics How to adjust the dosage How to start slow Benefits of taking the [...]

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Wireless Internet Can Cause IBS

Those of you who have Listen To Your Gut, know that I have been warning people not to use cell phones since 2005. However, as microwave radiation technology expands, we have to be alert for other devices that use these harmful frequencies, such as: Cell phone use (and second-hand radiation from other cell phones) The [...]

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Raw Milk Diet Experiment

In preparation for my teleseminar with raw milk therapy expert, Jim Ehmke, CN, I went on a one week raw milk diet myself! Watch the videos below - shot on Day 1, Day 4 and at the conclusion of the Diet, to find out how it went, what I learned and whether I would ever [...]

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