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Why You Should Lobby Against 5G Wireless In Your Neighborhood

ANYONE in an immune-compromised or vulnerable place of health needs to get on this immediately. I know of many people - even strong, healthy people, whose bodies hit that 'overload' place and they became EHS (electrohypersensitive). Their lives changed completely overnight. They could no longer LIVE in a city and in the beginning, some had [...]

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Create A Healing Environment In Your Home

Okay, after repeated requests from friends and neighbours, I have created a new product (based on Chapter 4 of Listen To Your Gut) where I show you how to create a non-toxic environment that supports your healing from illness – or helps to prevent you from getting sick in the first place! I take you [...]

By |2023-04-13T09:05:17-08:00May 9th, 2014|

Moving House With Minimal Stress

Friends of mine with three kids just put their house on the market. They are feeling the crunch financially and selling their house to downsize to a townhouse feels like the best option to them. My friend said, "I realize now (I believe it was God opening our eyes) that this really is our sideline [...]

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How do Shower Filters Protect Your Health?

Shower filters protect your health by removing chlorine and other harmful elements from your shower water. These chemicals are more toxic in your shower than in your drinking water. Here's why: Chlorine is re-vaporized in the shower, inhaled into the lungs, and transferred directly into the bloodstream. In fact, the chlorine exposure from one shower [...]

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