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IBS and Gut Infection in my Dog? Please help!

Audelina, Jini, Tiah (c) Linda Bickerton-Ross As a reader of mine, you may already know that my family consists of two dogs, two cats, and 11 horses. That being said, when this email came through OF COURSE I wanted to do whatever I could to help ASAP! Although legally I really can't provide [...]

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Testing Your Gut For Infection

If you have any of the symptoms of IBS or Crohns, colitis and diverticulitis, it's safe to say your gut microbiota is unbalanced and unhealthy. With too many "bad" microorganisms (yeast, bacteria, viruses, parasites) and not enough good ones. But sometimes it's useful to know exactly what and how your gut flora is unbalanced and [...]

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