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Favorite Flower Essences & Free Gift from LotusWei!

I want to share with you my all-time favorite flower essence from LotusWei. This blend of gemstone and flower essences (energy medicine) is called Infinite Love: Infinite Love Anointing Oil Infinite Love Mist If your soul, body, emotions are crying out to be held in the arms of infinite, unconditional Love - then this flower [...]

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Flowerlounge: The Podcast!

Our friends over at LotusWei started a podcast called Flowerlounge a while back and Jini was a guest on a recent episode. If you would like to hear the podcast, you can check it out for free here: EPISODE 02: LISTEN TO YOUR GUT WITH JINI PATEL THOMPSON Here's a comment that LotusWei received about [...]

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Which Flower (or Plant) Are You?

What do you feel about the place of nature, trees, plants, herbs and flowers in your journey to wholeness? I have come to realize that joining with nature is crucial to the re-alignment and empowerment of my whole self, my essential self. And of course, there are many ways to access or embody this. I [...]

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Transform Your Life with Flower Remedies

My good friend Katie Hess is offering a unique, yet powerful program - using flower remedies, online support, and a soul-searching playbook - to help you: - Unravel and shift old habits - Become aware of and release what holds you back - Open to a richer, more vibrant life Katie's flower essences and elixirs [...]

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Flower Essences Vibrational Medicine

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine that has been used in Europe for hundreds of years. In this teleseminar, learn first-hand how this gentle, yet deep medicine works both to prevent and treat a variety of health issues. Flower essences - you may have heard of Bach Remedies, or Rescue Remedy - are [...]

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