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Bloating With Binders

Hello! It's Linsy again, here this week to answer another question we received on the blog in regards to Jini's post: Using Bentonite Clay for Gut Problems. The activity, interactions, and questions I've received from you all so far have been fantastic, so don’t feel shy and please ask away if you have any questions! [...]

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The Benefits of Binders

Are you struggling with taking anti-pathogens or detoxing? Maybe you're finding it a challenge to take anti-pathogens because it causes more negative symptoms? Today I want to talk to you about "binders" and how, when added to your protocols, they can assist with the negative symptoms of detoxing (or "die-off" symptoms). But first, let's start [...]

By |2023-04-14T09:53:44-08:00April 27th, 2021|

Charcoal Treatment For Crohn’s

Activated charcoal tablets This remedy is not just applicable for Crohn's, please read on for my comments on how this applies to colitis and IBS as well, at the end of the article. I'll also give you the protocols I prefer to use and we'll talk a bit about using Bentonite Clay as [...]

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