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My Son Caught the Flu

My 14-year old son has been overseas at a soccer school for the last 2 weeks and recently contracted a certain flu bug (nudge, wink). So I sent him the link to my wild oregano flu protocol and told him to begin treatment immediately. Of course I had packed him a full medicine bag in [...]

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Anti-Pathogen Treatment to Heal Your Gut

Anti-Pathogen Treatment to Heal Your Gut Here at LTYG, we refer to anti-pathogens a lot! But what exactly are these, and what do they do? Today I want to give some clarity surrounding anti-pathogens, as well as tips on how these should be taken. An anti-pathogen is any drug or supplement that counters the effects [...]

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How to Make Your Own Wild Oregano Oil

One of my lovely readers in Ghana has no access to commercial wild oregano oil, however she does have access to fresh wild oregano leaves - awesome! Professional manufacturers use either steam distillation or cold-pressing methods to extract the highest quality, most potent oregano oil from the leaves, which requires specialized equipment. But there are [...]

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Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Five days after the birth of my third child, Hugo, I was diagnosed with seven different bacterial infections. No one could figure out why/how they occurred, but the most serious involved two bacterial infections in my blood (sepsis) and also a bacterial lung infection (pneumonia). As an aside: I know why they occurred - it [...]

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