Annabel Fisher and I did a presentation together at the Canadian EFT Gathering a couple weeks ago – where I presented the theory behind combining more than one powerful healing tool together, for a synergistic effect that greatly maximizes the healing possible. Synergy is where 1+1 does not equal 2, it equals 5. So EFT + Pranic Healing + Meditation + Dialoguing With Your Body = WOW!

And then Annabel led people through an actual Healing Meditation to experience what I was talking about. I’m very pleased to be able to share this powerful healing experience with all of you. Here is the video of my presentation first (so you know what it’s all about and what you will experience):

Free Meditation For You!
And then here is the MP3 download of Annabel’s Healing Meditation for you to experience for yourself (only listen to this while lying or sitting down – not driving a car, etc.!). If you also want my video presentation in audio MP3 format to share with others, you can download it here.

For those of you who don’t know where the EFT meridian tapping points are (you will need to know these for the Healing Meditation), you can download the Basic EFT Manual here. Or, I have lots more info and free downloads for you on this site, for a good intro to EFT.

Lastly, if you’re interested in the Healing Meditations for Deep Sleep or Rectal Healing that I talk about in the video, then you can get those here at the LTYG Shoppe. If you’re a LTYG Wellness Circle member, then just go to the site and download the meditations from the Resources section.

Let me know what you think, or what you experience in the COMMENTS section below…



Synergistic Healing – Meditation, Prana, EFT

6 thoughts on “Synergistic Healing – Meditation, Prana, EFT

  • Jini, that was simply a wonderful presentation on EFT, your experiences, and linking the mind-body connection. You have a very natural, authentic aura and sense of self – it is rare and a delight to witness. I think this branching out into the emotional component of healing is a much needed contribution, and you have the sensitivity and wit to pull it off. It is a difficult concept to articulate, but you tread perfectly for those you know you will lose when you make them face intangibles – concrete is always safe, but not always tranformative. I just read this article about IBS and trauma (, and it fits directly with EFT. IBS is something that I am familiar with myself (as you know) – although I’ve put a tentative lid on the physical, I have yet to face the trauma aspects. I know they are there despite me trying to shove them under the rug for most of my adult life, and I had wiped them from memory when younger.

  • Thank you Ashley! And I love this part of the article – as I said, it’s a very exciting time where the science and the spirit/intuition are beginning to dovetail:

    Now, a new study finds that IBS may linked to having experienced more traumas – of any kind – over the course of one’s lifetime. The researchers at the Mayo Clinic interviewed over 2,600 people about the kinds of emotional, psychological, and general life traumas they’d experienced, as well as whether they suffered from IBS symptoms. They found that people with IBS had a much higher likelihood of having experienced any kind of trauma – divorce, death of a loved one, natural disaster, car accident, house fire, or emotional/physical abuse – than people without IBS.

    “While stress has been linked to IBS,” said author Dr. Yuri Saito-Loftus in a news release, “and childhood abuse has been reported to be present in up to 50 percent of patients with IBS, at a prevalence twice that of patients without IBS, most studies of abuse have focused on sexual abuse with sparse detail and also have not looked at other forms of psychological trauma.”  She presented her findings at the American College of Gastroenterology’s 76th Annual Scientific meeting. “This is the first study that looks at multiple forms of trauma, the timing of those traumas, and traumas in a family setting.”

    She added that this study may help people understand more about the underpinnings of IBS, the mystery of which can be depressing to sufferers. “Patients and their families frequently wonder, ‘why me?’, ‘why did this [IBS] happen?,’” said Saito-Loftus. “This will help them understand why IBS happened to them, why stress continues to play a role in their IBS symptoms.”

  • Exactly – the research going on now showing a direct link to trauma and stress to the development of health conditions like IBS will make people much more willing and able to listen to your message that it takes a mind-body approach to heal all the scars. It must feel incredible to be able to provide all these tools for people to improve the quality of their lives – what a great way to make a living. Perhaps down the line (if you ever get a free minute to spare!) you can provide talks on how to live with passion and purpose. I’ve run into so many who are struggling to do so and don’t know how.

  • “Annabel Fisher and I did a presentation together at the Canadian EFT Gathering a couple weeks ago – where I presented the theory behind combining more than one powerful healing tool together, for a synergistic effect that greatly maximizes the healing possible.”

    – I’m just curious about the combination of powerful healing too. I think EFT is the other one and the other is? I read an article here, i don’t think if they are a good source. Can anyone give me advice on this?

  • You can download the mp3 meditation to experience it for yourself – or watch the video to have the explanation. Basically, EFT combined with whatever else you have in your healing toolkit – maybe you also do massage or reiki or theta healing. In this case, we combined it with meditation (deep relaxation/hypnosis), pranic (life force energy) work, and Dialoguing With Your Body – a technique from my LTYG book.

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