QUESTION: Please Help. About 2 months ago my colon constricted and tightened up and I couldn’t have a bowel movement.  I have a home colonic kit and would do one everyday to get the waste out.  This is the only way I could.

I was on antibiotics for 12 years that destroyed my gut flora.  From that, I acquired multiple food intolerances (around 30) and looked for a good way to rebuild my gut flora and stop leaky gut. I started making dairy kefir, water kefir, and coconut kefir.  I started making the fermented vegetables of all kinds.  I was consuming these items quite frequently everyday.  I had face acne and inflammation before and could see it disappearing slowing and my skin looking better and better all the time.

However, what I wasn’t paying attention to, although I should have, is that my bowel movements were getting less frequent.  It’s strange because I didn’t have enough flora before the fermentation (I know this because I had it tested) but I had good bowel movements.  But now, I was getting slight bowel spasms, something I don’t remember getting too much before.  After that, it just got totally worse.  Right now I can’t even go take a number 2.  My colon has narrowed down small where nothing will come out of it.

I now have more pain all along my left side; and it feels tight and stringy, if that makes sense.  I assume there are some colon strictures and/or diverticulitis.  Now, when I do the colonics, I am having a harder time getting the waste out.  I can feel more blockages.  I am getting very scared! I have an appointment for a colonoscopy coming up.  What do you suggest?

ANSWER: Please note that in Listen To Your Gut, I do not advise people to ingest fermented foods – I tell them to use the Natren probiotics (and many people have to start very gradually and often with one species). Fermented foods come in way down the road when you have your digestive flora stabilized. At that point, people can usually tolerate them and benefit from them. But again, you need to test and go slowly to see what your individual body likes and dislikes.

Regarding strictures, we have a number of options you can try that readers have experimented with. The first one involves a liquid, elemental diet to rest and flush the colon (be sure and sign up for the free report there as it has full info on how to do the clearance diet). Keep in mind, when you read about the 3 dietary options on this page, that you still need to test for your own sensitivities – some people do not tolerate raw milk, others do not tolerate raw vegetable juices, etc.

I am in the testing phase of my final formula/protocol for healing both intestinal strictures and abdominal adhesions: StrictureHeal. If you’ve been following my blog, or a member of JPT Wellness Circle, you know this has been a 3-year process thus far.

However, as a reader of my books, you also know that I never release anything that I have not tested first on myself and then numerous friends, family members and lastly readers and JPT Wellness Circle members. So for StrictureHeal, we’re completing the friends/family phase of testing and will shortly be entering the reader/JPT members phase of final testing. If all continues to go well – and along the way we usually make refinements to the formula to either expand the range of tolerance, or turbo-charge the efficacy – it will then be made available here.

In the meantime, we do have a tried and tested procedure you can use for abdominal strictures and adhesions that has worked for many to relieve pain and release an obstruction (especially when paired with the liquid or elemental diet for a few days).

1. Apply DMSO / Aloe Vera Solution to Abdomen:

Make up a 50% dilution of DMSO with Aloe Vera Juice – this means you combine 2 tbsp. 99% DMSO and 2 tbsp. aloe vera in a glass bottle, shake well.

Apply to your abdomen (or wherever your stricture/pain/cramping is) using your fingers or a natural hair paintbrush.

Do not use synthetic anything with DMSO as it will pick up and transport everything it contacts into your skin/bloodstream. Make sure hands and abdomen have been washed with plain soap and water and do not have any creams or fragrance on them.

Allow to dry. Then apply a hot castor oil pack to your abdomen.

Note: After you have done this protocol a few times, if you think your skin will tolerate a higher DMSO content, then try a solution of 70% DMSO to 30% aloe vera. DMSO tolerance varies widely (with redheads being the most sensitive), so the 50/50 ratio is likely to be tolerated by most, but feel free to adjust up or down as you desire.

2. Apply a Hot Castor Oil Pack to Abdomen:

A castor oil pack is placed on the skin to increase circulation and to promote elimination and healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is often used to stimulate the liver, relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. Just remember to use a cold-pressed castor oil and 100% cotton flannel (or wool) – no synthetics. You can use either a hot water bottle or a heating pad as the heat source. Here are detailed instructions:

Castor Oil Pack Components

•    Castor oil.
•    Two sheets of plastic (garbage bags OK).
•    1 yard cotton or wool flannel.
•    Heating pad (if indicated).
•    Large old bath towel.
•    3 safety pins.

Preparing a Castor Oil Pack

1. Fold flannel into three thicknesses to fit over your whole abdomen.

2. Cut a piece of plastic 1-2 inches larger than flannel.

3. Saturate the flannel with gently heated oil, but not so much that it is drippy. Fold it over and squeeze until it is oozing. Unfold.

4. Place plastic and old towel over flannel to prevent staining of surface you will be lying on.

5. Lie down, placing flannel over abdomen, putting fitted plastic over the flannel.

6. Now wrap the towel under you, around your torso and pin with safety pins (or just tuck in tightly).

7. Place a heating pad (low heat) or hot water bottle on top of the towel.

8. Rest for 30-60 minutes. Use visualization, meditation, or just sleep. A good time to use castor oil packs is just before bedtime.

9. When finished, it’s best if you don’t get up and walk around and be busy (except to go to the bathroom). Try to stay still and relaxed.

If you are doing your pack at bedtime, have a zip-lock baggie next to your bed, and a towel to remove any excess oil and protect your bed sheets. Fold the oily pack up and put it into the baggie, then drop it to the floor till morning. In the morning, put it in the refrigerator.

11. Store the pack in the covered container or baggie in the refrigerator. Remove it from the refrigerator 1-3 hours before you plan to use it, so that it is at room temperature when you are ready to use it.

12. Each pack may be used repeatedly. When it starts to smell stale, throw it out (don’t try to wash it) and make a new pack.

Note: If this procedure is way too complicated for you, apply a generous amount of castor oil to the skin of your abdomen. Cover that with an old cotton t-shirt or other cloth you won’t mind eventually discarding. Lay your heat source (hot water bottle, heating pad) on top of that. Keep the cloth you use to protect your heat source from the oil to reuse. Eventually it will smell like stale oil, but can be kept for a few weeks at least in a plastic bag. Rest for 30-60 minutes. Stay covered and warm so you can relax. Have a soft cloth or rag handy to catch any oil dripping off your body. You may want to put a towel or plastic underneath your body so your bed doesn’t get oily. It’s not necessary to have a castor oil pack that you keep in the refrigerator. Just do what works for you.

Frequency of Use

To be effective, a castor oil pack must be used at least 3 times a week, although 5 times a week is better. In cases of long-term chronic pain or acute stricture/obstruction, it works best to commit to a 6 week treatment period using the DMSO solution in combination with a castor oil pack 5-7 times per week, then as needed. Full healing may require 3 months of treatment.

If you don’t want to use the DMSO solution first, the hot castor oil pack on its own will provide significant relief from pain and softening of tissues. To actually begin to break down the scar tissue though, you’ll want to combine it with the DMSO solution.

Colonic Massage for Obstruction

If your intestine is obstructed, it is a good idea to also do this colonic massage after the DMSO / Castor Oil treatment – while the abdomen is soft and you are relaxed – to help massage the stuck food through the stricture:

Lastly, you can listen to this podcast with Larry Wurn from Clear Passage Therapy, who works manually to soften strictures and adhesions.

Let us know what works for you in the COMMENTS section below….

Stricture Emergency!

59 thoughts on “Stricture Emergency!

  • Hi JIni,
    I started consuming fermented foods (yogurt and vegetables) as a way to solve my chronic constipation and I have also noticed that it has gone worse instead of improving which seems kind of counter intuitive. Can you please explain what kind of reaction may be happening? Is it temporary and after this initial period it will start to produce the desired effect or I’d be better off if I stop consuming them altogether?
    Right now I’m taking magnesium as a way to compensate for it. Do you know if it can harm the colonization process?

    Thank you so much for your great work

  • Daniel – you could be intolerant to some ingredient (perhaps dairy) and that is causing constipation. Also, have you tried cutting out gluten? I’m hearing more and more that it is constipating people, but it’s really hard to figure out that’s what it is, because it causes NO other symptoms! And you have to be off gluten for 3 weeks to see a change.

    You may also just need to reduce the amount of fermented foods you’re eating to allow your body to slowly adjust. Also, I would start with just one item and test it first, before adding another.

    Have you been on therapeutic, high dose probiotics for 6 months minimum? – to normalize your gut flora as that often makes introducing fermented foods easier.

    Magnesium will be fine if you’re taking a dose that just equates to a normal bowel movement. But if you’re getting a laxative-like clear out, then correct, that’s not ideal for stabilizing your gut flora. You might want to try Triphala instead – as long as you don’t have active IBD, as it’s untested in that instance.

    Do you have my book on healing constipation?:

    at least go there, watch the vids, get the free report, etc.

    hope that helps…

  • Thank you for your comments Jini. The truth is that I’ve been dealing with chronic constipation since my childhood. What you would term as a combination of peristaltic and stenosis constipation. I discarded an intolerance to dairy or gluten after having a clean diet for months and reintroducing them again.

    After reading you and others my theory of my problem, discarding some kind of genetic tendency to constipation, is that the antibiotic overuse during my childhood damaged my beneficial flora and it wasn’t able to regenerate by itself. Till recent years I was able to make up for it adding tons of fiber to my diet but it caused me to be bloated all the time and in the end the strain of having to pass big impacted feces due to the excess fiber was becoming intolerable and I wasn’t treating the actual cause of the problem anyway.

    Now I’m following most of your recommendations and stopped ingesting so much fiber and taking magnesium instead but the last step was to find reliable probiotics. I finally decided to start consuming fermented foods and it’s when, as I explained earlier, noticed that my symptoms have gone worse instead of improving. I’m 31 now, do you think it’s possible to regenerate the intestinal flora after years and years of abuse?
    And do you know a source of Natren probiotics in Europe?

    Thank you again for being such an inspiration for many of us

  • Hi Daniel,

    Stool softeners and bulking agents are different from fiber as they create soft stools which are easier to pass. You can buy a combination product like MetaCleanse:

    Or, you can make your own by soaking chia and flaxseeds overnight in whatever iiquid you tolerate/prefer (e.g. yoghurt, kefir, almond milk). Start with 1.5 tsp of each and work up to 1 tbsp of each to determine the amount that works best for your body. You can add raisins, cranberries as well. And 1 tbsp Udo’s oil or coconut oil. This will bulk/soften your stools, yet keep things well lubricated.

    Natren probiotics are the best therapeutic brand – The Sydney Colon Clinic tested 6 different brands and none showed an actual rise in colonic counts other than Natren. They also routinely take people suffering from extreme laxative abuse (up to 150 laxative/day) – these are people who are facing colectomy simply because their colon has shut down. There’s nothing “wrong” with their colon, it has just stopped functioning due to extreme laxative use. Anyway, they take these people and they restore them to normal functioning. I did a whole teleseminar about it with Bianca James, the owner. So yes, it is definitely possible to restore yours to normal.

    So, we ship Natren worldwide – we actually have many Europeans buying from us because – in spite of the refrigerated shipping cost – it still works out cheaper than buying it locally:

    You need to do high dose: 7-10 billion cfu per day

    And would also benefit from Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema – search my blog for details if you don’t have my books.

    Let us know how it goes…

  • Regarding strictures, I personally have had excellent results with using glutamine powder, 1 tsp 3 – 4 times a day and also colloidal silver, which I believe did something permanent to “fix” my scarred tissue.

    Eventually, I’ll get a colonoscopy to confirm this.

  • OMG – please don’t do that – the colonoscopy I mean. Unless you want to undo months of healing and the entire healthy gut flora you’ve managed to establish, plus risk infection from the scope itself… flare anyone? Read my colonoscopy report for details and also what to do if you HAVE to have a colonoscopy:

    I read about colloidal silver and scar tissue and tried it in the formula I’m testing now for about 2 weeks, but didn’t see a change with or without it. It’s diluted quite a bit and I wonder (since total application is only 15 drops) if a more concentrated preparation would work better.

    Also, serrapeptase taken orally has shown a lot of benefit with internal scarring, so would also be worth a course – take 120,000 U per day.

  • Thank you for the encouragement Jini, for those of us who have been dealing with this kind of issues for most of our lives any ray of hope is more than welcome.

    My goal would be that taking the magnesium and reducing the fiber my colon will progressively shrink and be able to process normal size stools once again. I’m a bit concerned though about consuming magnesium during such a long term. What do you think about it?

    About the probiotics I started taking some commercial brands but I stopped when I started reading you and the concerns about the soil organisms and the reliability of non refrigerated probiotics. I’d like to try Natren but I’m concerned about ordering them from outside Europe as I had once a bad experience:

    I live in Spain and some years ago I ordered some supplements from the US. As the cargo arrived here the health officials treated it like it was some kind of biohazard and returned it back . Do you have any experience in shipping to Spain? If you have found any way to bypass the customs control or you are aware that the policy has changed I’ll gladly order probiotics and other of your supplements from your site.

  • Daniel:
    Ian here – Jini’s husband – I handle all Customer service..Regarding shipping to Spain, we do not have many experiences of shipping product to Spain – however the best way to ensure you receive products from overseas is to try to get a letter from your GI/Doctor that the products you are ordering cannot be found in the country you are in and you need them as a medical necessity. Also you may want to look at getting a license for specific products. For example in the UK it helps to get a license if you want to import in whey protein products – since the UK is very strict on bovine products since the mad cow incidents.

    The other thing people do is order product to be delivered to a friend’s house in the US or UK (or somewhere else that has easier importing) and then either that friend brings in it in, or they pick it up.

    Hope this helps and please email us directly if you have any further questions: service [at]

  • Hi Jini,
    I read with interest your DMSO mix and was wondering if you maybe able to tell me what part of the real aloe vera plant I could use with the DMSO.
    I live in Kenya on the coast and we have these things growing wild everywhere.
    Do I just slice open the leaves and use the juice/sap that oozes out?
    Regards from Kenya

  • Mike – you just cut away the leaf, leaving only the clear gel. You can then put it in a blender to liquefy, or just mash it up really well. Can you get DMSO in Kenya?

    I was born in Nairobi and left when I was 5 – when my kids are old enough I hope to go back, finally, for a visit!

  • Hi Jini,
    What a coincidence. You will not recognize Nairobi now. If you ever do get down this way look me up. My email address is a clue to finding me.
    I just ordered DMSO off Ebay a few days ago. It was coming from Poland. Just on the off chance I called a school chemical supply shop here in Mombasa and they had piles of the stuff. You can find anything in Mombasa if you look hard enough. We have horses and my girlfriend/partner used to use it on them with great success. I use it to treat my shoulder after a bad game of golf. A few weeks back I discovered I had a touch of toenail fungus and when I got online to find out more about it I was horrified to see how many people are affected. I immediately went out and got all the necessary equipment to settle into a long term treatment. I then remembered the DMSO and it’s properties. I thought why not just mix it with the aloe vera or Tea tree oil to penetrate under the toe and direct into the nail bed. Makes a lot of sense.
    Get in touch offline and I will give you my personal website so you can see what you are missing by not living in this Utopia.

  • Hi Jini,
    Quick question on Aloe Vera.
    Is the brown gel that comes out from the bottom of the leaf more potent than the clear gel higher up the leaf?
    What is the best method of storage for fresh Aloe?
    How long can I keep the fresh leaf and still retain it’s medicinal properties?
    Thanks again.

  • Mike – I went to your site and the architecture on your house is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so organic. It looks a wonderful place!

  • Hi Jini,
    If you ever do get over please come and see us in person. You are most welcome.
    I play a lot of golf with an old guy called Jack Patel. Ring any bells?
    Love from Utopia.

  • Nope, no one knows any Jack Patel!

    Did you try this protocol yet? One of my readers posted on Facebook after trying it – said it worked within 24 hours and saved him a trip to Emergency.

  • Jini, Are you supposed to apply the entire 4 tbsp of the DMSO solution with Aloe Vera in one day? This is taking a long time to dry!



  • Hi Dawn – no, you just apply one layer and let it dry (however much you need for one application over the area of your stricture), then apply the castor oil.

    So when you make up the bottle of solution, you have enough to use for quite some time.

  • Yeah! I am so excited to try this – I will let you know how it goes! I was in tears today over the pain and the fact that I don’t want to get scoped to get to the bottom of it for fear of them doing more harm than good…then I find your email about your StrictureHeal program in my inbox tonight! So crazy – like a sign from above!!! Thanks so much for your lightning-fast response and all of your research on our behalf!!!


  • Hi, Jini! I just loved your web. My mother has Crohn and now she is underweight , very weak (probably due to anemia) and often has difficulty to defecate. I was wondering if you could help me. Which products could she take in order to improve this situation? I’d also like to know if your book is published in Spanish as well.

  • Jini, many thanks for your kindly reply. I read lots of interesting information on your site and i´d like to have the books in order to improve my mother’s health. In case of stenosis constipation, is the magnesium citrate also useful?

  • Daisy – that depends on whether her rectum is in spasm or not. If it’s in spasm, then taking any kind of “laxative” will just increase the pressure on the rectum and make it even harder to pass stool. In that case, use the hot castor oil pack on the levator ani muscles (around the anus and up under the tailbone) to first relax the tissue. Otherwise, the magnesium citrate should be fine, but get her to try some of positions in my Constipation Pooping Positions video:

  • I don’t see anything about anybody complaining about the DMSO odor coming out of their skin during the Stricture oral/topical treatment. What are the reports on this from you and your testers? Thanks for everything you do!

  • Hi Brenda – Some say it’s a garlic odor, but others report smelling soured milk, or spinach beginning to rot. You usually cannot smell it yourself, but your loved ones will be able to! My husband tells me the smell is not there all the time, it comes and goes. Sometimes one of my kids can smell it, but the other can’t – at the exact same moment. I expect the timing and intensity of odor varies from person to person. Regardless, the results are well worth the smell, especially when you compare it to the alternative!

  • Hi Jini

    Thanks for advice about what to take instead of antibiotics and painkillers. I had already start taking the oregano oil to prevent infection but pain was very bad so had to take painkillers. I done the strictureheal protocol for four weeks and elemental diet for six weeks and now have started SCD. I done all this so I can have a healthy pregnancy without meds but was wondering how long I should be off the strictureheal before I start trying.I will be delayed anyway because of my operation. I want to start back on strictureheal after my pregnancy is over but how long also would I have to wait after I stop breastfeeding.

    Thanks again for all your help

  • There’s no data on pregnancy/breastfeeding and DMSO. The only related info I could find was on a cancer site, where they felt that since fetal cells are very similar to cancer cells and they use DMSO to stop cancer, pregnant women shouldn’t go anywhere near it.

    No one knows how long it takes to clear the system. Perhaps one month would be long enough? If you want to be super cautious, then give it 3 months.

    DMSO would definitely go through to the breastmilk… but would it cause any harm, or would it benefit? Again, we don’t know. I’ve used wild oregano during breastfeeding, no problem.

  • Hi JINI…How are U…I read all in detail but Please explain it…DMSO stands for what ?

    Is it available some where in Pakistan. I am living in Islamabad and my mom have the same problem .She is 81 and diabetic patient ,

  • DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide.

    If you can’t find it, t is sometimes available through laboratory supply stores, or sometimes veterinarians.

    We ship worldwide, but you have to check with your customs first to see if they will allow the supplements into your country – our Shoppe is not responsible for that, so don’t order unless you have checked whether they will be allowed in:

  • hi jini!!!
    well im ayaa,ive been having chronic constipation for the past 3 years and going thru hell coz of it,im 20 yers old female.i dd hav a endoscopy test 2 years bak,and found dat left side of my colon is narrowed,der is a constriction was slightly spagatic.
    i do take alt of fibre,plenty of water, and i do hav bowel movements but al of dem are incomplete bowel movements and the faeces are soft and kind of fluidy..i need help
    is it possible to restore a narrowed part of a colon to normal dimension????is der ani home remedy for a constricted colon???or shud i undergo a surgery and cut off the constricted/narrowed part of the colon??plz do let me would b of great help.

  • k thanks jini, i jus downloaded,vl read it and get back to you
    the thing is i just dnt want to undergo a surgery,even my doctor nvr sed anithing lyk dat,but im stil having dis problem of incomplete bowel movements
    could you just tell me ,do u think it is possible to expand a narrowed colon without surgery?
    has it ever been possible to ani1 who would hav had a similar problem?

  • i live in kenya nairobi.i wanted dmso but cant get some.can mike from kenya contant me or how can i get in tounch with him .

    1. Hello Gitigi,

      You can purchase DMSO from our online store at the link below as we do ship to Africa via FedEx. However, you’ll definitely want to check Kenyan import guidelines first to ensure that you are allowed to import it:

      I’m afraid we do not have any information about purchasing DMSO locally in Nairobi and we aren’t able to share any contact information for people who post here.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care Manager

  • I am wondering if scar tissue may be my dad’s problem, or if it is something else, can you please help? my dad is suffering from extreme pain in his abdominal area and up his left side and the doctors have done tests, cat scans, ultrasound. they say they don’t know what his pain is coming from as they don’t see anything out of the ordinary that concerns them. a year ago my dad had colon cancer, and the doctor cut out a section of his colon, and then he underwent chemo and radiation. now, for about the last few months he has been in horrible pain, he literally feels like he is dying, he looks terrible, very pale, very week, it is worse when he lays down and when he eats. doing some searching, I am wondering if it is the scar tissue causing the pain, and I am so irritated that the doctors don’t put much thought into what he is going through and seem to have no solutions for him. is there something he can do to ease the pain? does it sound like scar tissue could be the problem?

  • Hi April,

    I’m afraid that Jini isn’t able to provide a medical opinion or health advice for your father but Dr. Paul Goldberg shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. He is a very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed himself of a serious chronic illness, so he understands firsthand what your father might be going through. We can highly recommend him.

    You can also watch this video for a detailed description of how Dr. Goldberg works and what’s involved with his healing approach:

  • Hi Jini,

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions to help with scarring in the rectum area as well as a sigmoid stricture? Trying to get to the point of having an ileostomy reversed, but concerned about the stricture in the colon and being able to pass stool normally again without having to have the ileostomy long term. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Miranda,

      The best information we have about getting rid of scar tissue is at the link below:

      Also, just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s another blog post Jini did about strictures that is more recent than this one:

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit the chat in the little blue box on the bottom right of this window, reply here, or e-mail us at

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi,

    My mom has a small intestine stricture; she has been hospitalized for just over a week; she has not been fed in just over a week; they say they can’t do anything else; has a tube to stomach to relieve gas.
    I realize that you are not licensed to diagnose or proscribe – is there anything you can recommend that I look at this late for my mom?
    I just found your site – time is short.. .

    Thank you, Frank

  • Dear Jini,
    I like to take some advice regarding my mother’s constipation problem and burning sensation in the rectum area (she is not having homorroids or fistula) but appears that onset of rectocele.How to write on your email and i need your mail ID.

    1. Hi Praveen,

      I’m afraid that Jini is not able to personally give you advice as she is not a certified health professional and not qualified to do so. However, a good place for information about constipation is at Jini’s symptom page for that at the link below:

      Jini also wrote a book specifically about constipation here:

      Regarding the rectocele, check out this blog post (if you haven’t already):

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini! My dad was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction. Doctors said it was scar tissue from a past surgery that is partially blocking his small intestine. I am planning to ask him to follow some of your instructions so he can ease the pain and have a bowel movement…currently he has been on a liquid diet (mostly soup and protein shakes), yet he still feels tender and bloated with no bowel movements. He takes probiotics regularly (Garden of Life probiotics for men – 85 billion live cultures). What do you suggest, keeping in mind that he has acid issues and ulcers? I would love to hear your feedback, thank you!

    1. Hello Sam,

      Thank you for your interest and question. We can give you a few treatment recommendations and than please let us know if you have any questions.
      Please see these links:
      You can sign up for a free ebook about the Intenstial Strictureheal here:

      If he is having problems with diet and does well with a liquid diet the elemental diet may be helpful for him:
      You can learn more about diets, helpful foods and many of these other things in the Listen to your Gut book:

      Also here is some helpful information to help with constipation:

      As for Probiotic we highly recommend the Natren Brand. Here is a good article on criteria Jini recommends for picking out a Probiotic you can read and see why we trust the Natren brand probiotics:
      If you decide to try those we recommend to start off with just the Digesta-Lac if constipation is a issue, than add in the Megadophilus and the Bifido.
      You can also sign up for the free ebook about Probiotics at this link:

      Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hello Jini

    Last year September I was diagnosed with UC and had stumbled across your wonderful work while trying to find holistic approach to the condition. I have since done the WOO-natren protocol for 4 months and felt great while on it. I stopped doing that protocol to start working with a naturopath on supplementing nutrition deficiency beyond that. However that didn’t work well and I was not able to establish trust with him. In the meanwhile I met a healer masseuse who specializes in Mayan abdominal massage. I had my first session with her today and feel a surge in energy after 1 massage. However she mentioned that she can feel inflammation in my cecum and recommended doing castor oil packs which brought me here. I wanted to see if there are any side effects of this treatment I should be aware of. Just so you know I have been feeling some bloating again and am back on the WOO-natren protocol and am thinking of incorporating aloe Vera juice as well as per your recommendation in ListenToYourGut.

    1. Hi Purvi,

      Thank you for your message. Great to hear the Woo-natren protocol helped you. If you are still having bloating problems it could also be due to diet. Did you do the elemental diet? There is also a diet regimen in the Listen to Your gut book as well that may be very beneficial to you. Also please see these recommended tips from Jini on other things that can be exhibiting your healing as well.
      We are not aware of any known side effects from the castor oil pack. If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

      1. I was on a very elemental diet and then reintroduced things, everything was fine for 4 months and then bloating, and heaviness again. I am going to revisit the diet. Also thanks for the comment on castor oil treatment, can’t wait to start trying it out.

        1. Hello Purvi,

          Sounds great! Please let us know if you have any other questions. I myself have been doing the hot castor oil pack before bed for months now. It was of great added help to me for bloating. Please let us know how you are doing.

          Have a good day,
          Customer Care

  • Good Morning,
    After being on the half banana/avocado regiment I received my Absorb Plus and have been on the elemental for one week no solid foods. Monday I started bleeding and having spastic colon again. I am in so much pain. I Don’t want to take prescribed pain medication but the pain is too much. Do you think the Absorb Plus is irritating my colon?

    1. Hello Renita,

      Thank you for your message. It sounds like you are getting those symptoms due to the cleaning out of the elemental diet. It may be that you have a infection and need to clean out the gut and rebuild the good bacteria again. Please see this article for more information that could explain why you are having those symptoms and what to do for them:

      Also for the pain I recommend these tips:

      I do these all the time for my abdominal pains and they help a ton. Jini also recommends White Willow bark, Cramp Bark, and Black Haw for natural pain relievers.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions. Hope these can help you discomfort and we would love to hear how you continue to do.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • First off I need to start by thanking you for providing a quick no fuss castor oil pack method. With 2 kids and a full time job, I can’t keep up with regimens that take lot of prep time. Now while putting my kids to bed, I do the castor oil and sleep off. Although I haven’t seen anything as dramatically great with the use of these packs for 1 week daily usage. I was told to do this to heal inflammation in intestines and I was personally hoping it would help with my gut motility. However I started drinking psyllium with water every night before bed and that has really helped with gut motility. However I do feel a bit more bloated with psyllium. I will continue doing castor oil packs but I was wondering if it made sense for castor oil
    Pack to have no effect but for psyllium to have made a difference and also for psyllium to cause bloating. I must say I am on the WOO-natren protocol while I do this. Thank you!

    1. Hello Purvi,

      Thank you or your question. That is good you were able to find a regimen to work with your busy schedule. Sometimes treatments may not work for a person, or they work better in combination with other treatments. The psyllium and WOO-natren are great as well. Have you adjusted your diet and looked into other lifestyle changes Jini talks about in her book? I know those can be huge factors in inflammation and bloating. I myself have found the best treatments for me are diet, vitamins, and emotional healing. Jini has suggested to me that I will find the best and fastest healing with the probiotics by doing it in the probiotic retention enema. You can read more about it on page 181 in the Listen to your Gut book.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Gini,
    I always learn so much from your newslettter, both the article and the comments. Unfortunately, when I have an obstruction or some other immediate problem, I just can not remember all the helpful tthings that I have learned. Fortunately, you have youe e-books which I have been able to dowload and refer to immediately and you archived blogs. The info on Clear Passage has been so helpful of late. I discussed it with my PT and have been doing my own cross fiber massage, which has relieved my recent blockages. Doing it in the bath has been super-effective for me.

  • Hi Jini. I’m trying your topical protocol for stricture heal and looked for serrapeptase at your shoppe. Is there a brand you could recommend please?

    1. Hi Patsy,

      We do not carry this product in Jini’s shoppe and It’s not part of Jini’s protocol for Strictures. It’s Definitely worth taking, but it won’t do the targeted treatment that the Strictureheal protocol will. Unfortunately we’re not aware of any good brand and we do not have any recommendations.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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