QUESTION: Please Help. About 2 months ago my colon constricted and tightened up and I couldn’t have a bowel movement.  I have a home colonic kit and would do one everyday to get the waste out.  This is the only way I could.

I was on antibiotics for 12 years that destroyed my gut flora.  From that, I acquired multiple food intolerances (around 30) and looked for a good way to rebuild my gut flora and stop leaky gut. I started making dairy kefir, water kefir, and coconut kefir.  I started making the fermented vegetables of all kinds.  I was consuming these items quite frequently everyday.  I had face acne and inflammation before and could see it disappearing slowing and my skin looking better and better all the time.

However, what I wasn’t paying attention to, although I should have, is that my bowel movements were getting less frequent.  It’s strange because I didn’t have enough flora before the fermentation (I know this because I had it tested) but I had good bowel movements.  But now, I was getting slight bowel spasms, something I don’t remember getting too much before.  After that, it just got totally worse.  Right now I can’t even go take a number 2.  My colon has narrowed down small where nothing will come out of it.

I now have more pain all along my left side; and it feels tight and stringy, if that makes sense.  I assume there are some colon strictures and/or diverticulitis.  Now, when I do the colonics, I am having a harder time getting the waste out.  I can feel more blockages.  I am getting very scared! I have an appointment for a colonoscopy coming up.  What do you suggest?

ANSWER: Please note that in Listen To Your Gut, I do not advise people to ingest fermented foods – I tell them to use the Natren probiotics (and many people have to start very gradually and often with one species). Fermented foods come in way down the road when you have your digestive flora stabilized. At that point, people can usually tolerate them and benefit from them. But again, you need to test and go slowly to see what your individual body likes and dislikes.

Regarding strictures, we have a number of options you can try that readers have experimented with. The first one involves a liquid, elemental diet to rest and flush the colon (be sure and sign up for the free report there as it has full info on how to do the clearance diet). Keep in mind, when you read about the 3 dietary options on this page, that you still need to test for your own sensitivities – some people do not tolerate raw milk, others do not tolerate raw vegetable juices, etc.

I am in the testing phase of my final formula/protocol for healing both intestinal strictures and abdominal adhesions: StrictureHeal. If you’ve been following my blog, or a member of JPT Wellness Circle, you know this has been a 3-year process thus far.

However, as a reader of my books, you also know that I never release anything that I have not tested first on myself and then numerous friends, family members and lastly readers and JPT Wellness Circle members. So for StrictureHeal, we’re completing the friends/family phase of testing and will shortly be entering the reader/JPT members phase of final testing. If all continues to go well – and along the way we usually make ref