Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has one of the largest natural health sites on the Internet, recently addressed the question: “Why Do I Sell Products On My Website?”

I have had numerous people ask me a variation of this same question from time to time. And recently, a doctor who is becoming involved with my work and doing some research on natural healing methods, sent me an email requesting that he not be associated with the commercial aspect of my work – in order to maintain the integrity of his research and recommendations. Oh boy, did I ever relate to his request! So I’m going to share with you what I wrote back to him:


I totally understand what you are saying about the Holistic Health Shoppe (HHS) – this is why in the beginning I did not sell any products, but just referred people to the manufacturers of each product (in the Appendix at the back of the book – which I still do). Then I kept getting emails from international readers begging me: “I’m having to order from 10 different places and the shipping charges alone are killing me. Isn’t there just ONE place I can go to get all this stuff?”

So then I arranged with a health store in Arizona to stock product and ship out to people. But they kept messing up about every 3rd order, so people were getting really pissed off. I did NOT want to start a health shop – yuck! Not my thing at all. Warehouse, inventory, shipping, returns = HASSLE. Not interested!

But at the same time, I really felt for all these people – so sick they can barely get out of bed – having to spend hours contacting and ordering from each manufacturer, and then paying separate full-whack shipping charges for EACH product order.

That’s why I eventually set up HHS and convinced my husband Ian to handle the day-to-day running of everything – because I was not interested in doing that! But yes, I wrestled for a long time with the “commercial implications” of that. I felt it would lessen my credibility and dilute my message of healing and I really felt uncomfortable with the whole thing. But at the end of the day, the pleas from all the overseas readers took precedence.

So when we set up HHS, we figured only overseas readers would use it – since all of the products were available in North America and if people got their local health store to order them in (which is what I recommend in the book and give them all the info to be able to do so) then they would not have to pay shipping charges. Hence, we went into it with the attitude that, “Well, let’s just hope to break even and help these people out.”

Since we can only afford to sell at regular retail prices and the shipping is expensive because it is courier shipping (we tried USPS in the beginning, but they kept losing packages which made people really angry and cost a lot of money to replace) – why would someone is the US buy from the Holistic Health Shoppe??

Surprise! – they preferred to buy from HHS because of CONVENIENCE. One-stop shopping, and they didn’t want to have to wait (anywhere from 1 -4 weeks) for their local store to get the product in. So there you go, now 90% of HHS customers are from the US. Go figure.

Oh yes, and the other motivator was that people would go to their local health store to get a specific product, but they didn’t have it in stock and the health store worker would talk them into buying another brand – which they assured them was identical. However, it was NOT the same and would contain secondary ingredients, fillers, etc. that directly aggravated their IBD symptoms resulting in a bad experience.

So that’s the whole story. Would I prefer to have someone else own and profit from HHS and I just refer readers to them? Hell yes. From a logistical point of view, but primarily from an integrity point of view. If someone is profiting from their advice, it dilutes the power of their message. I get that. I feel it myself. That’s why I first tried to get the health store in Arizona to do it (they are the largest in the State, in business for over a decade, excellent reputation, etc.) – but their accuracy and customer service just wasn’t good enough. My motto in life is: Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

So, here we are. And I’m sure to many people, at first glance, I may look pretty “selly” and they may well wonder about my integrity and validity. That’s the sad part for me – I’ve done all this and set up the Holistic Health Shoppe at THEIR request, because I honestly felt so bad for the extra burden on my overseas readers. And now that I’ve set it up, yes, it’s a business, with a warehouse, staff, etc. so it has to generate money to pay everyone. It’s a rock and a hard place.

Aside from which, supplements are not a profitable business anyway – unless you have your own line, then the profit margins get a bit better, but your up-front cost also increases drastically. But in terms of a business model and a time/profit/hassle ratio – not a business I would ever choose to be in!

But that’s the thing in life, sometimes the universe has other ideas for us. And many times, the meaning and heart-value makes up for what’s lacking in the business model. I made much easier money in my telecommunications business, but it had nowhere near the meaning and love that this business contains.


Note: I called it a business. Yes. Because if something is taking up all of my working time, then it has to generate me money. I’ll get the odd email from time to time from someone who feels I should be doing this for free, not “profiting from the sickness of others”. Hello? Do you work for free? Does your rent, food, car payments etc. just magically appear or do you have to pay for them?

If helping people heal themselves takes up all my time, then I have to charge for that. If I didn’t, then I would put my time into another business which would generate income. Here is a key point that many “righteously indignant” people just don’t seem to get:

I don’t need to be doing this – I’m already healed!

This whole business started as the result of people continually asking me “How did you heal yourself?” People asked me for help, not the other way around.

I’ve owned my own businesses since I was 19 – and my first business was a candy store at the age of 9. As a previously successful business person, would I sit down and say to myself: “Hmmm, I think I’ll start a new business, selling to people who are so weak and sick that many of them can’t work, so they won’t have any money to buy my books. And they also won’t have any money to pay for their own supplements, so they won’t be interested in natural healing methods in the first place.”

Gee, do you think it’s safe to conclude that I did not start this business for the money?

And let’s be real clear about this: I do not have a poverty-consciousness. I do not believe that “money is the root of all evil”. I think money is great; it is tool that can be used to do great things in the world, increase your freedom of movement and experience, eat better, live better, and have more fun.

Part of the reason I love to see people healed is so that they can have the energy and stamina to earn good money for themselves. I’m a big fan of automating systems and working smart vs. working hard. And I do not believe that healers and health professionals need to be low income in order to be sincere. Integrity does not equal poverty. Integrity stands on its own. You can be a fabulously wealthy person with integrity. You can be a poor person with integrity. Hopefully people who read my stuff will see who I really am and the results they achieve will speak for themselves.

‘Nuff said. As per usual, feel free to add your comments or questions below – I love being able to explore these issues freely and together! – Jini

Selling Health Products vs. Integrity

20 thoughts on “Selling Health Products vs. Integrity

  • Dear Jini,

    Thanks for that clarification. It seems like you’ve been really “getting it” from some upset people. But I assure you that there’s another group out there who totally sees and respects your point of view. Do I wish that I’d gotten the book for free almost 20 years ago? Yes! But you are right that I may not have valued it in the same way as paying for it. It’s really ashame but I do tend to value things more when I pick and pay for it, rather than it being given to me. I’ve had UC for a month and since then my dr has put me on 3 different Asacol equivalents other than my Prednisone steroid. Then yesterday my dr told me that I can eat anything I want even though, just last week, she gave me a pamphlet that told me I couldn’t eat dairy, meat, nuts, raw veggies, fresh fruit, whole wheat, etc. I was so hurt yesterday, leaving my dr with a new pack of meds that she just wants me to TRY, an expensive genetics blood test order and just being told by my dr that I don’t have to worry about food which I know is a LIE. I read your 1st chapter of your book today and instantly understood why I was so stressed. My G.I. was not taking everything into consideration. My diet, my histroy, my emotional state. She just wanted to give me some meds to try… I don’t agree with that and it made me want to never go back. So I’m so grateful for this book and I can’t wait to see what’s in chapter 2.

    With much love and gratitude,

    Stephanie O.

  • Jini –

    I have benefitted from your books, your web sites, and your Holistic Health Shoppe. I am very fortunate that my digestive dysfunction was not near as bad as it seemed. I had IBS symptoms for more than 20 years that I mostly ignored, even though they were actually fairly serious symptoms. But, when a series of other health problems created serious stress for me, my digestive functioning worsened to the point that I could no longer ignore them. Suffice it to say, it was BAD.

    After trying the pills the MD gave me that gave me more side effects than benefits, going to the health food store on my own and sampling a variety of products that helped a little, doing the gastroenterologist routine complete with scopes in both directions and removal of polyps, I got no answers, no help, and no relief of symptoms. I was very concerned and, frankly, rather despondent.

    Two things helped me, my acupuncturist with needles and herbs and you with your books, advice and product recommendations. My life changed dramatically over the course of a year. I could not afford a personal consultation with you (and admittedly I was shocked at the rates for it), or I would have done it. Instead, I made use of your books, the products, and some input from one of your colleagues through your web sites. While I would have surely enjoyed and appreciated a less costly method of getting healed, I am tremendously thankful for what I achieve through the input you offer.

    Of course you should be able to make a living from the advice you offer, the materials you create, the products you sell. I know nothing about your personal finances, but I hope that you are very successful by all accounts, including monetarily. Why should you not be? To suggest that you should not earn a living by offering the assistance that you do is ludicrous to me. Your experience, your first-hand knowledge of the challenges and the ability to overcome them, your research, your writing, all of it, is worth something. It’s worth a lot. I say good for you for realizing the benefits of capitalism and for deciding to put your experiences and abilities to good use in a way that lets you help many people while earning a living.

  • Hi Stephanie – good for you for searching out alternatives! You’re at the beginning of an exciting journey into healing your whole self. Many people (after working their way through the protocols) have written that they are healthier now than before they got UC.

    On another note, I checked out your website and your hubby’s art is very unique and vibrant – so glad to see he’s been so successful! I started art classes about a year ago and I just LOVE it. It’s become another passion for me – who knew?

    Jason – thanks so much for your support. I hear you about the consult price – but unfortunately, for me to do a good job for people, each one takes up about 8 hours. So when you factor that in, against what any doctor, therapist, etc. would charge, I’m not actually charging that much. But I know what you’re saying – from the customer’s perspective, it’s still a whack of dough.

    That’s why I’ve made some other options available to people – I’ve spent 2 years training Nicole Paull and her fees are quite reasonable and I’m also currently training Dr. Silvio Najt (obviously, he doesn’t need my help on the body/medical side of things – just to get fluent in the holistic protocols) so hopefully he will be ready to do consults before too long.

    Also, I made a lot of Case Studies available at JPT Wellness Circle, so people could comb through those and see my detailed recommendations for people with similar symptoms and then incorporate those into their own treatment.

    Which reminds me, Stephanie – if you just bought LTYG, then one of your bonuses is one month free membership in JPT Wellness Circle – so please make maximum use of that and download as much content as you can – there is a LOT of support and helpful info there, so even if you’re feeling overwhelmed now, download it and save it for later.


  • Hi Jini,

    I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you do! I was diagnosed with a fairly mild case of UC about a year ago. After trying the drugs (which I never felt right about) coupled with the fear and stress caused by being told I may never be healed, I was having worse symptoms than ever! However, there was a tiny part deep down inside me that told me I could be healed, God had just not led me to it yet and I needed to trust in His timing. When I finally began to realize this (after trying many other natural methods) I found your book. I read the first chapter online and it brought to light so many truths about healing that I had never realized before. That was the first day of my healing.

    I love food and I love to cook. I cook with real, whole food, but even many real foods were off limits with other protocols. This was depressing to me and I didn’t want to be doomed to a life of worrying about every bite of food I put into my mouth! I followed your healing diets and protocols closely, and after three months, I am completely healed. My digestive system feels healthier than it has for 17 years! I occasionally enjoy foods now that I thought I’d never be able to eat again, but with a new appreciation and respect!

    I am not wealthy and going through this was a financial stretch for us. I am fortunate enough to have a fabulous health food store here where I was able to get all the exact products that I needed in order to heal. However, if that had not been possible, I was thankful to know that there was place where I could get them, even if it wasn’t as convenient.

    Your book has changed my life! It has given me my life back and it has taken away the fear that controlled me for months! My family is also happier, as they were suffering right along with me. I don’t believe you can put a price on this. So I just want to encourage you to keep up the hard work. I know that many more people will experience healing because of what you have done!


  • Jini –

    I wanted to add another relevant point, from a personal perspective.

    In college, I was sure that I wanted a career in a helping profession of some sort. I found that I could skip every Friday of my intro to psychology class and still make an A. So, I decided on my major (perhaps not for the best of reasons). But, as I continued the coursework, I was convinced I was on the right track. When I learned that you can’t make a decent living with a psychology degree without going to graduate school, I didn’t hesitate to commit to another degree.

    I got my master’s degree, then decided to work in the field, before going back to get a PhD. I worked in public mental health, developing and then running a therapeutic foster care program for behaviorally and emotionally disturbed children. There was certainly a rewarding side to it, though not monetarily. After four years of that, including carrying a pager 24 hours per day and managing a tremendous amount of responsibility in my mid-20s, I realized that I was feeling burned out and dissatisfied with the disappointingly low earning potential that I had.

    I left the field that I trained for and found success in. I considered medical school, but the math requirements for chemistry and physics were beyond my abilities. I considered getting that PhD in psychology, but my colleagues discouraged it, due to the time and cost involved for not-so-great salary potential. I eventually went to law school for one year part time. I did well, making the Dean’s list two semesters. But, by then, I was married, with two small children, and working anything less than full time with good pay was not an option. It was a lot to juggle, and when opportunities with my employer opened and my salary increased, law school made less sense, so I withdrew. All the while, I have been working in business with the same company for 13+ years.

    I work for a good company and I have a good job, at least on paper. But, admittedly, I have never felt settled in my career choices. I know first hand that it’s a long, hard road to face trying to find a way to make a good living while also feeling fulfilled and purposeful. For whatever reason, I just have never found the right niche that allows me to have it all (salary, satisfaction, purpose), frankly.

    So, back to the point of your post (I’m trying to get there)…

    I am impressed by those who are able to balance a serious career with a substantial income and sense of satisfaction and greater purpose. From my outsider’s perspective, you seem to have arrived at the right place, achieving “it all,” success personally, professionally, monetarily and, in the grand scheme of things, finding purpose that helps others. I am impressed! Personally, I believe it’s about finding the right balance while trusting God and following His plan. At 40, I still hope to get there one day myself. With four kids and significant medical expenses, I am not sure how I can redirect my life at this stage. But, recently, I have decided to prioritize that effort, to see where it might lead me.

    So, that said, I personally feel that you should not succumb to external pressure to justify the fact that you make a living doing what you are good at, especially as it helps so many people. Actually, on the contrary, I think you should write a book on that inspires people to find their career niche (the way that you have) in order to achieve the greatest success possible. If you write that book, I’d be the first to buy it. I might sign up for personal consultation too.

  • I love your books and all of the research that went into them! All of the protocols you have recommended have really worked well for me. As I get older, some of my symptoms have changed, so I need to go back through it again as a refresher course. I also love the HHS and all of the products in one place. It is extremely convenient and the products are always available anytime. In my area, there is not a really good health food store available. I tried to order some probiotics from them, but it took over 6 weeks to get it in stock. That was not acceptable! Thank you so much for all that you have done.

  • Andrea – 3 months wow! That’s impressive, congrats!! You know, if you have any recipes for the things you cooked during your healing journey that you’d be willing to share with people, I’d love to add them to the Bonus Recipe Book people get when they first order LTYG (and if you have a lot of recipes, we could make it available to others too). Just hit “Reply” to any email you’ve ever received from me to get in touch if you’d like to pursue this idea…

  • Jason – very interesting that you would raise the concept of business success. Obviously the universe has begun its conspiring because I’ve actually been exploring whether I should bring this component to people and what’s the best way of doing it. I’ve actually been keeping my eyes open for a couple of years for someone who is already doing this in a way that resonates with me (and similar to what I would create if I were to start a “Create Your Ideal Business” program from scratch). Because, as you’ve pointed out, there is such freedom and fulfillment that comes with running your own business that is also a joy and passion for you.

    Also, I know that having my own, systematized, automated business was a lifesaver for me during the times I was really sick. It gave me the freedom to have a bad flare for a few days or weeks and my business would continue to tick along without me, earning money, and I only had to perform some maintenance tasks – about 1-2 hours a day, or every second day – to keep things running. Then during my healthy/strong times, I focused on building and expanding that business. But always within the framework of keeping everything automated and outsourced so that I could check out for weeks if I needed to, with no damaging effect on the business.

    I believe it’s an excellent business model for people who are ill, or who like to travel a lot, or who have babies or small children depriving them of sleep!

    So, in the meantime, here are two people I’ve found that I like what they’re doing, so go check them out and see what you think. See if they give you some ideas or inspiration:

    Mark Silver: http://www.heartofbusiness.com

    Bruce Muzik: http://www.designer-life.com/blog/

  • I am 61. At a very young age I started reading what now is neatly labled alternative or new age and had the good fortune to be exposed to some of what then were the oddities of life (odd for then people and healers who actually healed and gypsy fortune tellers who were uncannily accurate). In the 70’s I was lucky to be exposed to the 1st and only health food shop in my city w/two ehereal little old ladies who lectured me on taking care of my colon (of course I didn’t follow through with any devotion).
    At that time most of these people did not charge for their services or advice but accepted donations. I was told that true healers and visionaries should not profit from their healing, I then lived outside the US for twenty years where I saw the magic of hands on healers and the real use of homeopathic, massage, accuprssure/punture and saw it get results. Almost every healer accepted donations rather than charging a fee. When I came back to the US, I found that it was filled w/profit center healers, advisors, writers and teachers. I ran across many charlatans and people who thought they were the real thing but it was obvious that getting a massage certificate or a message from the universe did not a hands on healer make and I wasted money trying to find people who had true “body sense” and could effect change or knew what they were talking about.
    Five years after my husband was diagnosed w/Chrons and he was in really bad shape I read a review on Amazon that referred to your book so I went to your website. I was very reticent about the initial costs but you were the first person who seemed to have “body sense” and not give unmanageable advice. We took your advice and he is not well but doing much better now.
    I feel that you are acting as a “researcher” who is being paid for your work. You do not represent yourself as a healer w/a magical gift from the universe. And you are providing a forum for people to discuss their experiences.
    I was initially suspicious of the healthe shop but after a little research on prices (you are not gouging anyone, you have not added products that do not have a relationship to the problem), I felt that the abitity to get things in one place was a great idea! Your Absorb Plus drink made all the difference in the world and in my estimation tastes the best. I also hope that you have researched each product and found that it is not made w/something dangerous (like from China) so that I can feel safe that I am getting what I order.
    The Healthe Shop is a buisness but it is a buisness that provides a needed service and doesn’t have all kinds of extra addons to rake in the money. In other words it is done w/ integrity which I see little of in the US.
    I have a lot of respect for what your doing and I apprreciate you for doing it as it has opened a healing path for us. Thank you Jini

    PS You might ask the doctor who did not want the commercial association if he too does not benefit (prestige, position, validated research et al, maybe even monetarily) from his association w/ you. Commerce is not an evil if done w/integrity and honesty.

  • jini, everything you do emulates integrity and incredible thoughtfullness. I was so relieved to find your website when I realized I had UC, a very severe case I found out later. I was skeptical at first just because it was online and so many people claim they have the cure, the answer. But after reading the first chapter of the LTYG online, I was very drawn to your methodology and approach. Your book presents a life CURE, a complete healing program that not only worked for you, but countless people including myself, with the same results as those who have previously posted with a body that is healthier than I can remember. How many of us have paid so much more than what your books and products cost to the doctors and insurance companies that tell us we have chronic diseases that can’t be healed, that are mysteries as to why we get them and have them, and only treated through medicine and surgery. They and the pharm companies are the ones that are truly benefitting from the business of being sick. To anyone who would question your motives, I would say I have never found someone who is so thorough in searching out answers and so diligent and thoughtful to share them with so many people. And so RIGHT ON. Thank you from the bottom of my heart JINI!!

  • Jini,

    Please dont spend so much time justifying yourself.

    Your detractors need to reflect on the historical experience that communism is a beautiful idea, but it simply does not work.

    Some folks don’t understand and appreciate that hard work and quality products are worth paying (more) for. This is especially so when one considers the alternative to a holistic approach.

    This has been my family’s experience with Crohn’s disease vs. your program(s). It has been worth it.

    Cheapness is thoughtless, selfish, and greedy–Always.

  • Hi Linda Lee – I don’t know, I hear what you’re saying, but at the same time, I have been to some very skilled, powerful healers who charged for their services (and yes, a number of duds too). I can see the arguments for both ways…

    Thanks to everyone for your wonderfully encouraging comments posted here – it means a lot to me and you have given me considerable cheer!

    big hugs,

  • I read with much amusement about your first candy business, Jini – and I think we may have hit upon your cavity dilemma (if the universe is fair, your unworthy partner would also be suffering even more from the dental karma gods). I have much respect for the ethical entrepreneur – and I know that, like some tarnished politicians who have ruined it for the others, that many who are service providers for a living are unfairly snarled at. Surely if one pays a doctor for their often unhelpful 15 minutes – then one cannot begrudge you your due. I do think that being a self-employed business manager is an innate gift – I certainly don’t have any desire for the responsibility and administrative attention that it requires. I’ll admit I’m not equally fair. There are some that I love to see succeed in the health service arena (for example, I actually am delighted that both Dr. Oz and Dr. Chopra rake in the money – probably because I like what they are saying and their inherent wisdom), but I can’t say the same for Dr. Phil. Intent and insight may be the determining factor – and you are definitely on the winning arm of those two characteristics, Jini. Wishing you much joy, health, happiness and success. Your true desire to share you knowledge and experience with others seeking help will pay you back in spades.

  • too funny! and yes, his teeth are worse than mine!

    It’s wierd, I don’t know much about Dr. Phil but I’ve heard negative comments about him from a number of different sources.

    Along the same lines, I’d like to do (or see) a health tv show where no one is allowed to wear make-up – then we could really see who was “walking their talk”. I was once on a show with a woman who was a go-to “health & fitness expert” for about 2 decades –> dyed, backcombed, hairsprayed hair, plastic surgery and clinically malnourished (probably had anorexia) – she had to safety-pin her pants together at the back. But hey, she looked great on camera – vibrant, healthy and fit! Ridiculous.

    When is reality tv going to hit the health sector??

  • excellent message on integrity,,, there is no doubt that your great personal explanation is sufficient that you will definetely received your just rewards when the right time come,,,for the universe is very splendid when it comes to rewards including extra bonuses for our great job……enjoy

  • Jini,
    People who think you should not make a profit in health care are naive. If you couldn’t make a living at it, then you wouldn’t be able to share all of your knowledge to help people because you’d have to make a living doing something else! So anyone thinking Jini should do this for free, how about you donating all of your working time to helping her do so!?

    A huge mistake people tend to make in the realm of the “spiritual” (which some people relate to natural healing): they automatically think that money is “unspiritual’. Hello! You just need to open your eyes to see that we live in a world that takes energy! And money is energy. There is no difference between taking money for healing than taking money for office work, construction work, any kind of work. This world takes money/energy!

    Also, a suggestion for your clients with tight finances – buying from the Holistic Health Shoppe or your local health store aren’t the only two options. Since Jini doesn’t seem to care about selling supplements and isn’t making much on it anyway, you can always see what she is recommending in her store and checking Amazon or other sites to compare prices. If Amazon has the item, it’s usually MUCH less expensive and very easy to order. If I find the item on Amazon, one click and I’m done and the item is on my porch two days later. 🙂


  • Rick, there are a number of nuances that you are either ignoring or are unaware of. People – and society at large – are uncomfortable with the idea that health is a commodity. It is too personal and important to be trifled with in that matter – that is why we hold strong to the notion that health care should be a universal right in progressive nations. Because of the corrupting power of profit, it becomes a rather perilous route for those in the health service business to straddle the line between being motivated purely by profit – thereby exploiting the vulnerability people have with their health (and usually – the more sicker and desperate – the less likely the will have a lot of extra cash) and being motivated by the work of helping people heal and maintain good health. What Jini is highlighting is this issue of maintaining the trust of the people she helps and holding onto that integrity. Many doctors who initially became famous for their work in helping others have lost it thanks to the profit-factor becoming the predominate factor. They have lost their integrity and believability. They may not care if they are raking in millions, but if you happen to be someone who values maintaining that trust and integrity – then you will be cognizant of how you run your health care business. Of course you should be rewarded justly for the service you provide – but it is too easy to become just another shill hawking bad ideas that rake in dough easily. Health is a business that requires compassion to be part of its character or it just doesn’t work – the conflict-of-interest is too strong to be ignored.
    Lastly – money is not energy. It actually is a drain on energy. Money is only a tool, and we give it subjective value – which can easily crash and burn as is evidenced by the volatility of the markets. Take note of the anger of the people over corporate greed in the protestes taking place across the globe and hope that your health is not handled by the likes of such folks.

  • I would modify one point LTD:

    “Lastly – money is not energy. It actually is a drain on energy. Money is only a tool, and we give it subjective value…”

    I agree that money is a tool. But how it affects your energy is up to you.

    HOW you use it, regard it, feel about it, spend it, earn it, etc. determines whether it drains your energy, or increases your energy.

    Here’s a post from my other blog you may find interesting:


  • Thanks for sharing that link, Jini – it brought to mind a common tenent in many organized religions that require a tithe be paid for services to be put toward community services. The relationship many now have with money can best be described as anal retentive – which isn’t good for overall health, to say the least. The habit of giving was something that I was brought up with – and I am fortunate that it was never something that I was ever made to feel anxious about.
    I will say that I agree that the degree to which one lets money dictate energy levels is idiosyncratic – however, I still feel that this is not equivalent to defining money as being energy itself. Whether known or not, the source of power will always be you. So, the point of optimal equilibrium is when your heart feels light when giving some of your money away while holding strong to all of your power.

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