Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has one of the largest natural health sites on the Internet, recently addressed the question: “Why Do I Sell Products On My Website?”

I have had numerous people ask me a variation of this same question from time to time. And recently, a doctor who is becoming involved with my work and doing some research on natural healing methods, sent me an email requesting that he not be associated with the commercial aspect of my work – in order to maintain the integrity of his research and recommendations. Oh boy, did I ever relate to his request! So I’m going to share with you what I wrote back to him:


I totally understand what you are saying about the Holistic Health Shoppe (HHS) – this is why in the beginning I did not sell any products, but just referred people to the manufacturers of each product (in the Appendix at the back of the book – which I still do). Then I kept getting emails from international readers begging me: “I’m having to order from 10 different places and the shipping charges alone are killing me. Isn’t there just ONE place I can go to get all this stuff?”

So then I arranged with a health store in Arizona to stock product and ship out to people. But they kept messing up about every 3rd order, so people were getting really pissed off. I did NOT want to start a health shop – yuck! Not my thing at all. Warehouse, inventory, shipping, returns = HASSLE. Not interested!

But at the same time, I really felt for all these people – so sick they can barely get out of bed – having to spend hours contacting and ordering from each manufacturer, and then paying separate full-whack shipping charges for EACH product order.

That’s why I eventually set up HHS and convinced my husband Ian to handle the day-to-day running of everything – because I was not interested in doing that! But yes, I wrestled for a long time with the “commercial implications” of that. I felt it would lessen my credibility and dilute my message of healing and I really felt uncomfortable with the whole thing. But at the end of the day, the pleas from all the overseas readers took precedence.

So when we set up HHS, we figured only overseas readers would use it – since all of the products were available in North America and if people got their local health store to order them in (which is what I recommend in the book and give them all the info to be able to do so) then they would not have to pay shipping charges. Hence, we went into it with the attitude that, “Well, let’s just hope to break even and help these people out.”

Since we can only afford to sell at regular retail prices and the shipping is expensive because it is courier shipping (we tried USPS in the beginning, but they kept losing packages which made people really angry and cost a lot of money to replace) – why would someone is the US buy from the Holistic Health Shoppe??