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Raw milk diets have been used since the 1900’s by medical doctors at the Mayo Clinic to cure a wide variety of illnesses from diabetes to colitis.

In this podcast, I talk to Jim Ehmke CN, in the middle of my experiment with a Raw Milk Diet. Jim Ehmke has extensive experience using raw (unpasteurized) milk as a healing tool, so he has some great advice for me and a few interesting stories to tell too.

If you want to reach Jim for a consultation, you can call him at: 360-734-9777

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Raw Milk Diet

22 thoughts on “Raw Milk Diet

  • Dear Jini,

    I am still having the chronic diarrhea, however I have noticed when useing your sample pac of Absorb (Chocolate) I improved for a couple of days.

    As Christmas is upon us I cannot afford to buy any just now, however I am awaiting you having a special price on the large Absorb, as I have to pay for the postage from America to Australia, can you tell me the best way to order enough to last me through.
    I have purchased your Listen to yur Gut book, and find it most helpful I was able to purchase the Wild Oregano Oil in Australia, but it does cost me a lot in postage to get it here, that is why I am awaiting a special discount on the Absorb.

    Kind regards,

    and Merry Xmas, you have a wonderful site for us Crohnies.

    Carmen Spence

  • Cecile – have you tried RAW cow’s milk though, or RAW goat’s milk? Nobody should drink pasteurized milk, but raw milk has a completely different effect on the gut, so you won’t know until you try it. Start with small amounts, only 1/4 cup per day and gradually work up.

    Carmen – you could try supplementing with just L-glutamine as that is likely to help your diarrhea and should be available locally – follow the direction in the LTYG book in the Diarrhea section. And when you buy wild oregano, buy 5 bottles as once as the shipping will not be much more than 1 bottle – you can always get a quote first and find out at what weight/or how many products you can order before the shipping increases. You can do the same thing with the shipping for Absorb Plus – email Justin ( service (at) ) and find out what the shipping would cost for 5 tubs, 10 tubs, 15 tubs or 20 tubs, then make your decision.

  • Dear Jini,

    I have tried 8 times to order the special on Absorb for $14.95 plus the IBD remission book, and I am unable to log in and put my order through. I have had countless emails from both Justin and Daniel about this. I have tried so many times, I have given up now.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Carmen – if you’re having technical difficulties online, why don’t you just order over the phone? Call 1-888-866-7745 or 1.360.384.8632 leave your name and number and my husband Ian (or Justin) will call you back and take your order in person.

    take care,

  • Hi Jini,

    It is difficult for me to ring America from Australia.

    However my number is 075xxxxxxxx, if you would like to ring me.

    Kind regards,

    Carmen Spence

  • so even if a person has had casein and lactose intolerance before they can tolerate raw milk and not have chronic diarrhea?

  • hi again, i am asking for my 9 year old daughter who has colitis symptoms, but has had weight loss, and needs to gain weight asap

  • Lactose-intolerant people are often fine with raw milk since it naturally contains lactase – the enzyme needed to digest lactose (which is destroyed by pasteurization). However, with the casein, it’s had to know since the proteins in pasteurized milk have been denatured (by the high heat), so she may tolerate the casein in raw milk, or she may not. The only way is to test it and see.

    If she doesn’t, then Absorb Plus is a better option since it does not contain casein nor lactose:

  • Jini,

    Thank you for your reply to my question on the raw milk diet. I developed Crohn’s late in life and appear to have a mild case.

    However, I am glad to know of your resources.

    Thanks again,

  • Hello,

    I have recently been diagnosed with ER+/PR+ breast cancer. I will be making a lot of changes in my diet to a plant dominant, non-dairy diet. However, I was told that raw milk is good to drink and does not increase estrogen for those with ER+ breast cancer. Is that correct? Is it safe to drink raw milk with ER+ breast cancer?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Rita,

    I’m afraid that Jini isn’t able to provide a medical opinion or health advice but Dr. Paul Goldberg shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. He is a very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed himself of a serious chronic illness, so he understands firsthand what you might be going through. We can highly recommend him.

    You can also watch this video for a detailed description of how Dr. Goldberg works and what’s involved with his healing approach:

  • Hello,

    i have a mild diverticulitis on the right side of my colon, almost there where the appendix is. I have tried a lot already, but i havent had real success yet. Could a Raw Milk Diet help me with this condition? Or does the milk get trapped in the diverticula and cause more inflammation?

    Furthermore, can i add Whey Protein, Tapioka Starch and Cacao to the Raw Milk? Or wouldn´t that be beneficial for my condition?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello John,

      Thank you for the inquiry. Raw milk is recommended for treating diverticulitis. You can sign up for a free diverticulitis treatment ebook on this page on the left side in the pink box that explains our recommendations on diet for diverticulitis better:

      Please let us know if you have any other questions and we would love to hear how it works out for you.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hello,
    I’m trying to close a few fistulas. I’m on homemade elemental diet but have been struggling to gain weight, I haven’t been able to tollerate maltodestrine. I have lost half my bodyweight. Would the raw diet substitute the elemental diet? I’m on the wild pregano oil protocol, would It affect the diet?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marcelle,

      Thank you for contacting us here. Jini has her own Elemental shakes called Absorb Plus. They are not only tasty but easy to digest elemental shakes. Its pre-digested so it doesn’t require digestion, helping you gain weight quickly. If you want to do Raw Elemental diet, then check-out Jini’s Vegan Elemental shake and yes, it should be fine to continue the Oregano protocol.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hey Jini,
    Good day to you.
    I’m a 24 yr old female , who had been experiencing symptoms from 10 yrs of age and diagnosed at 15 with extensive Crohn’s disease and ended up with an emergency life saving colectomy at the age of 22 in spite of taking biologics. Well now I feel good without the constant pain but I have been put on a low residue diet recently because I am still having high colostomy outputs.
    Now regarding the raw milk , I had read earlier that it can lead to a brucella infection. Seeing your reports about raw milk and the pasteurized one I have no idea what to believe!
    So does that mean the “ BRUCELLA “ is just fake?
    Can I still try the raw milk?(shouldn’t heat it even once right.)

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