What pain do you suffer from on a daily basis? Or perhaps you just get severe pain during times of stress or flare ups?

In this video, I share my technique to transmute pain from something that “hurts” to simply receiving messages from the body. I share how I fought full-contact martial arts, transformed severe abdominal pain, and have all my dental work (including jaw surgery) done with no anesthetic. Yes, something close to miraculous happens when we leave fear and step into dialogue and congruence with our physical body…

Radical Technique to Transform Pain

4 thoughts on “Radical Technique to Transform Pain

  • for some reason i relate to gini ! its kind of like i am reading her emotions and body ! i am really an old guy 75, and have always looked for the truth in healing, ect. Somehow you get thru to me, in a sense of finding the truth in all healing !

    Yes , i have had numerous medical issues all my life, and this makes me pay attention in a different way !!

    Thank you for your courage and inspiration and all you do!

    Bert J Veldhuizen
    1216 Delray dr
    Green Bay, Wi. 54304

  • What does it mean when the descending colon feels hard when I press and massage. like a full garden hose. Even after I had an enema or a colonic. This has been for a long time. Is that still only strictures or something worse. ?
    I never have pain. I never smell bad. I just can’t go without enemas. And the stool, if I have any is pencil thin. The rest is puree like the vegetarian food I eat.
    Thanks again for the book. I am still working my way through it. Interesting that you mention teeth. I have a mouth full of dental work and will never be completely finish. Thats where most of my health problems stem from.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. Jini’s Colonic Massage Technique is great if you have a blockage, obstruction or stricture in your colon. You can read more about it an watch her instructional video here: https://blog.listentoyourgut.com/colonic-massage-technique/

      You might also want to check out her book on constipation: Listen To Your Colon – there is a lot more specific info in there for your condition.

      I’m interested to hear how it works for you. =)

      In good health,
      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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