I recently had a 3-day stool and saliva test done through Jim Ehmke’s clinic – you may recall Jim as he is the clinical nutritionist I interviewed for a teleseminar on raw milk diets and a podcast on natural cancer treatments. The results of my stool sample came back perfectly clear (no ova or parasites), with an abundance of good bacteria. However, the saliva sample indicated a “positive” or “detected” result for Entamoeba histolytica, roundworm and tapeworm. Yikes!

Upon closer examination, the test specified that IgA antibodies to these parasites had been found. I had a lengthy phone conversation with Jim Ehmke about these results and he feels they are indeed indicative of infection with these parasites. He told me that when he worked with a parasitologist, they would see results like this, where the parasites were detected only in the saliva antibodies. But then they would do an extremely aggressive purge on the patient and after that treatment the parasites would exit via the stool.

I then consulted with three different integrative medical physicians to get their opinion. They all felt that the test was not a reliable indicator of the presence of these parasites. They stated that IgA antibodies merely indicate exposure to the parasites. For the parasites to actually be present in the body, the saliva would reveal IgM antibodies – which indicate infection.

Parasitic Infection Or Symbiosis?

So am I infected with parasites… or not? Personally, I don’t feel there’s enough evidence either way to make an unequivocal declaration. And here’s another thing I feel that may be a bit unusual: I don’t actually mind sharing my body and resources with other microorganisms. If mosquito bites didn’t itch, I wouldn’t mind sharing my blood either. Western mentality has a fixation on sanitation and “cleanliness”. But look at how humans have lived for millennia – side by side with all kinds of animals and organisms.

Yes, you may say, but look at the diseases they get! Sure, okay, but what about the diseases we get? I’m not saying I would be happy with a widespread infestation of parasites, because obviously that would compromise my health and lead to suffering. But what’s wrong with a few, unobtrusive, otherwise undetectable parasites that do not interfere with my energy, vitality, strength and functioning?

According to the Amebiasis Fact Sheet from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) only 10 –20% of those infected with Entamoeba histolytica ever become sick from it. And in many cases, E. histolytica is indistinguishable from E. dispar – which never makes people sick and thus does not need to be treated. It seems to me we are back to the susceptibility component of Germ Theory: it is not the germs themselves, which cause disease, it is the susceptibility of the host bioterrain that determines whether microbes remain harmless or become an “infection”.

For example, an infection of Staph A strikes dread into the hearts of many. But did you know that Staphylococcus aureus is a normal resident on the skin (and mucous membranes) of about 40% of the population? What causes it to turn infectious in some but mostly benign in others?

Also, don’t forget, the latest therapy for causing Crohn’s symptoms to subside is to have the patient swallow regular infestations of Helminth worms (from pigs). These worms do not stay indefinitely in the gut however, and eventually pass out through the stool, hence the patient has to periodically swallow a new batch of eggs.

An effective therapy for asthma and allergies in children consists of them playing with and inhaling African dirt. Why? Because dirt from Africa is not “clean” and contains all kinds of microscopic organisms and particles that effectively engage and thus balance the child’s immune system.

The theory that doctors are following now is that humans are designed to co-exist with various microorganisms. Our immune system has evolved to function in the presence of all kinds of “nasties”. And in our newly sterile western world, the immune system is now malfunctioning in this unnatural environment.

A great book that explores this in depth is An Epidemic of Absence: A New Way of Understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases by Moises Velasquez-Manoff.

Personally, this has always resonated with me and I have let all three of my children be less sanitary than “normal”, right from birth. For example, I don’t make them wash their hands before dinner, if food drops on the floor I let them brush it off and eat it (if they want). Simultaneously, I have provided the elements necessary for building a strong immune system – through diet, environment, emotional health, supplements and avoiding vaccines.

But getting back to my saliva test results: am I now worried? To be honest, I haven’t decided yet. If the actual parasites or their eggs were detected in my stool, then yes, I would definitely pursue treatment because this would indicate to me an unhealthy level of infection. Likewise, if my saliva showed IgM antibodies to parasites, that would be a more solid indicator for me. But IgA antibodies in my saliva only, that merely indicate exposure?

Let me tell you, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be exposed to these parasites. I was born in Kenya and lived there for five years. When I was ten I watched our cat vomit up a mouse with a tapeworm wrapped around it (and yes, I stroked and napped with this cat). I have rescued any number of mangy stray dogs, cats and abused horses. I have traveled to many third world countries and eaten from roadside stalls. Exposure? No doubt. And possibly past infection that has since been cleared. But current, ongoing, pathogenic infection? I don’t know, I just don’t see the evidence of it.

Anti-Parasitic Protocols

Nevertheless, my test results caused me to delve deeply into the world of anti-parasitic protocols. Chlorine dioxide – which is sodium chlorite that has been ‘activated’ with citric acid (also known as MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement) is showing great promise in this field. But it is also difficult to tolerate with many discontinuing treatment due to the unpleasant side effects – nausea being particularly bothersome.

There is also plenty of information available on MMS protocols and many people experimenting with it, so I decided to leave it alone for now. One thing I will say is that I believe Dr. Tom Hesselink is on the right track when he maintains the side effects from the MMS protocols are not the herxheimer reaction, but rather poisoning, from using too high a dosage. Personally, I would follow Dr. Hesselink’s protocols and use a 5% solution of sodium chlorite, rather than a 28% solution (as recommended by the MMS inventor, Jim Humble). Dr. Hesselink’s protocol can be found at:

For my anti-parasitic protocols, I decided to experiment with potent substances I’m already familiar with and have a degree of fluency in their usage. I looked at combining certain natural substances to create a synergy of potentiated (exponentially increased) effect, in an attempt to create a protocol that was suitably powerful, yet with the highest chance of tolerance: wild oregano oil, potassium iodide, DMSO and nanoparticle silver.

This protocol is particularly powerful due to the combined anti-pathogen effect of each of its components. In addition to that, the DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide; derived from tree bark) carries the substances quickly and deeply into the tissues, bloodstream and cells. Nanoparticle silver (much smaller and very different from colloidal or ionic silver) is also instantly absorbed into the cells and bloodstream – no digestion required. When taken on an empty stomach, these four anti-pathogen substances are indeed powerful and hopefully effective.

I have tested this protocol myself and personally, I find it to be fairly easily tolerated – dizziness and periods of tiredness were my principle reactions. Depending on what’s happening, you may feel initially tired and experience some herxheimer (headaches, fatigue, mild nausea, diarrhea) reaction symptoms (just give your body extra rest), but as time goes on you will feel increasing amounts of energy. If you tend to constipation, then it is really important to give your body plenty of magnesium citrate or flushing enemas to keep your bowel moving and regularly eliminate the dead microorganisms and their toxins.

As you will see, I have provided two “strengths” of this protocol; the first is the one I have tested on myself and is for regular pathogens (yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria), or suspected parasites. The second one is for confirmed parasites. Please keep in mind that both of these are experimental – so far only a few of us have done the first protocol and no one has yet done the second (I’ve had a few doses of the second, but I haven’t done it for two weeks). So proceed with caution and post any comments, etc. in the COMMENTS section below and I’ll try to provide feedback where I can. Please keep in mind that I cannot give personal health advice (due to liability issues) but I can discuss this protocol, ingredients, my experience, etc.

Induce Alkalinity To Increase Potency

I also heard of a trick to further increase the potency of each protocol by inducing alkalinity just prior to ingestion, to make the microbes more susceptible (many bacteria and viruses cannot live or thrive in an alkaline environment). I learned this trick from Maraline Krey – who I have done both a teleseminar and podcast on pH body balance. This is done by drinking some nanoparticle minerals, which have a pH of 12 – remember nanoparticle minerals do not require digestion and are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

This will also benefit those of you concerned with calcium levels or osteoporosis since the mineral blend is called Bone Support and contains calcium, magnesium, boron, cobalt and potassium. After ingesting 1 tablespoon of Bone Support, you then wait five minutes and then ingest the anti-pathogen substances in the protocol. I use Bone Support as my multi-mineral supplement, so I followed Maraline’s advice and ingested a tablespoon five minutes prior to administering the protocol.

Once more thing you can do to support this protocol is to also take adequate amounts of vitamin D3 (3,000 IU per day) and cod liver oil (1 tsp or 4-6 capsules per day) – with food. Vitamin D3 is one of those substances that increases overall body resistance to pathogens and cod liver oil aids the action of DMSO.

Products needed for this protocol:

* 1 bottle Joy Of The Mountains or NAHS wild oregano oil
* 1 bottle 99% DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)
* 1 bottle of SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide)
* 1 – 32-ounce bottle of nano-sized or colloidal silver (minimum 22 ppm)
* Natren probiotics: If you are having 3 bowel movements or less per day, then you can take the Healthy Trinity capsules. If you are having more than 3 bowel movements per day, then you must use the powders: Megadophilus, Bifido Factor and Digesta-Lac
* Optional: 1 – 32 ounce bottle of atom-sized (nanoparticle) minerals

Now that you have all your ingredients ready. Here is how to administer the protocol:


Jini’s Quad Synergy Pathogen/Parasite Protocol

This protocol is administered orally for bacterial, viral or suspected parasitic infections and then both orally and transdermally for severe or confirmed parasitic infections.

Formula #1 – For bacteria, viruses, yeast and mild or suspected parasites:
* 5 – 10 drops of wild oregano oil (shake bottle well)
* 6 – 8 ounces of water containing 1 tablespoon of nanoparticle or colloidal silver, 3 drops potassium iodide and 1/8 teaspoon 99% DMSO

Formula #2 – For confirmed or strong parasitic infection:
* 10 – 15 drops of wild oregano oil (shake bottle well)
* 6 – 8 ounces of water containing 1 tablespoon of nanoparticle or colloidal silver, 3 drops potassium iodide and 1/3 teaspoon (1.60 ml) 99% DMSO (Note: If the taste of the DMSO is too strong for your tolerance, then replace 1-2 ounces of water with clear organic apple juice to help mask the taste.)

Take a sip of the water mixture, tip your head back, so it goes to the back of your throat, hold it there and drop the wild oregano oil into your throat. Immediately swallow and then wash all remaining traces of the oil down your throat using rest of the water/supplement mixture – drink until the glass is empty. For a demonstration of how to do this, see my video on How To Take Wild Oregano Oil.

Take this 3 – 5 times per day on an empty stomach. It’s a good idea to start with lower amounts or lowered frequency and then build up over time. For example, start with half the dosage of wild oregano oil DMSO, then gradually build up, or take once or twice per day to start, establish tolerance and then increase to full frequency and dosage.

Last thing before bed, and 2 hours after your last dosage (on an empty stomach), take a high dose of the Natren probiotics: either 1 tsp each of Megadophilus, Bifido-Factor and Digesta-Lac dissolved in 8 ounces filtered room-temperature water OR 1 Health Trinity capsule.

Take for a maximum of 2 weeks and then take a break for 2 – 4 weeks – unless you are having your thyroid monitored by your doctor – because the iodine in the potassium iodide affects thyroid function. Or, if you need to take it for longer than two weeks, then delete the potassium iodide (SSKI) from the protocol after the two week period.

*All products are available at my Holistic Health Shoppe if you can’t find them locally.


When you are finished the protocol, you should take high dose Natren probiotics three times a day for three to six months: either 1 tsp each of Megadophilus, Bifido-Factor and Digesta-Lac dissolved in 8 ounces filtered room-temperature water, taken 3x/day on an empty stomach OR 1 Health Trinity capsule, 2x/day. Thereafter, either take probiotics daily and/or eat foods rich in probiotics (homemade yoghurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, etc.).

You may need to cycle on and off this program for up to two years depending upon what you are infected with. Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) and various parasites have dormant and active lifecycles, so you need to do the protocol again each time they become active, until you have completely cleared the pathogen and it’s eggs, spores, etc.

Find out the dormant/active lifecycle for whichever parasites you’re infected with and schedule treatment for the active times – for maximum efficacy. For example, when treating roundworm and tapeworm, you may want to roughly mimic the drug treatment cycle: Implement oral and transdermal protocols on Day 1-14, then take a break, administer again on Day 30-35, then break, administer Day 90-95 then break, administer Day 180 – 185. Finished.

To find out more on each of the substances involved in this treatment, type “DMSO” and then “potassium iodide” into the SEARCH box on my blog. Then go to the Books and eBooks section and download my What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil eBook. This blog also contains lots of info on my experiments – and it is free, just use the Search box to search by topic. Lastly, do an internet search on each ingredient, like “nanoparticle silver” and it will pull up some fascinating research for you like this:

“In the first-ever study of metal nanoparticles’ interaction with HIV-1, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. The study, published in the Journal of Nanotechnology, was a joint project between the University of Texas, Austin and Mexico Univeristy, Nuevo Leon.”

A word of caution: do NOT substitute products or brands other than the ones I have listed here (you can purchase them anywhere you want, just don’t change the brand). For example, you cannot substitute regular iodine or Lugol’s for the potassium iodide (SSKI), since Lugol’s has molecular iodine in addition to potassium iodide and will cause irritation when used with DMSO. Here’s another example: you cannot combine chlorine dioxide (MMS) with wild oregano oil, because the phenols in wild oregano neutralize or deactivate the MMS, rendering it worthless.

I have studied and compiled hundreds of pages of research to put together this protocol and since we are dealing with powerful substances, they have volatilities and interactions with other specific substances that can either cause unpleasant effects, or neutralize their action. This is why you have to use exactly the products specified here to obtain the desired effect and full potency of the protocol. As with any substance, if you react badly, develop a rash or other allergic reaction, then discontinue use. This is yet another reason to start slowly and gradually build up to test for tolerance.

Again, please keep in mind that these protocols are experimental, so be sure to listen to your own body at all times and post your results here so we can compile our knowledge together. Don’t forget, this is how Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol came into existence – I tested it on myself first, then about 30 of my consultation clients tested it and we compiled our feedback, altered the protocol a bit, and now we have an excellent protocol that has helped thousands.

soar higher,

©2010 Jini Patel Thompson. You can copy or distribute this article as long as you include the author’s name and this bio:

Jini Patel Thompson’s books on natural healing for digestive diseases have sold in over 40 different countries. Her health articles have been published in journals and magazines in the U.S., Australia and U.K. www.ListenToYourGut.com

Quad Synergy Pathogen-Parasite Protocol

14 thoughts on “Quad Synergy Pathogen-Parasite Protocol

  • actually, there are other forms of Helminthic Therapy where instead using pig whipworm ova (TSO), a human hookworm(Necator Americanus) is used. A human whipworm Trichuris trichiura is also in helminthic therapy. If you review the site http://opensourcehelminththerapy.org, you will see quite a lot of research from reputable medical journals detailing how it helps against autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, remitting/relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, asthma, hay fever and a few others. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/helminthictherapy/ is a yahoo forum where current patients are discussing this therapy. It has over 600 members so far.

  • Hi Jini,

    I wanted to share with you a great experience we had with my daughter Olivia, we spent a week end on a river house, she only drank bottled water and washed her teeth with good water. Two days later after we came back she developed a “typical gut infection” that I initially thought was an UC flare. But not it was not, she had pain, diarrhea and weakness, a little fever, some body aches. I think as they wash the glasses and dishes with water from the river, even if it is chlorined, as it is, I am sure it has some weird bacteria that “normal ” guts can tolerate, but Olivias hypersensitive gut can´t.

    I started right away with pure WOO -as she was really fine I had stopped giving it to her a few weeks before. Then I remembered your Quad protocol and as now I have all the components here with us, I decided to give it to her. Silver + SSKI + DMSO for 10 days.

    She recovered right away, MARVELOUS!!! the only thing (and she hated me for this) is that she smelled, she had a “heart of palms” smell on her skin and I could tell it when I woke her up every morning, this was noted by her cruel classmates when she returned to classes. It was not a bad smell but, a little rancid and certainly a very unusual odor.

    But in less than three days her symptoms improved, my asumption is that this “solvent” increases the WOO penetration, could that be the case?

    Another thing is that for the first time I could realize that it is possible to discriminate an IBD bout from an ACUTE gut INFECTION, pure infection, before it becomes ulcerated, bleeding, etc. and that if we act fast and with energy this great protocol can control the situation, and finally it is possible to rapidly change the course of the episode (when the case is with a gut that is already healed, as Olivia´s is).

  • As a scientist working in a nanochemistry lab, I would like to point out that nanoparticle silver and colloidal silver are one in the same. “Colloidal” is defined as particles having a diameter of 1 nanometer – 1000 nanometers, which is also the strict definition for the size range of a “nanoparticle.” The negative side effects of ingesting this substance are well-documented- “nanoparticle” or colloidal silver is very reactive, and is known to be cytotoxic. Furthermore, the silver that is not metabolized by the body can build up in the tissue, giving skin a blue-gray appearance over time. DMSO is another chemical that we normally handle with extreme caution in a laboratory setting, particularly because it makes the cell membrane permeable to things which shouldn’t be going into your tissues and cells- like nanoparticle silver! DMSO nonselectively opens up your tissues to take up whatever is in their environment, which can mean allowing some nasty things to wreak havoc on your cell machinery and DNA. Prolonged exposure is known to result in neurological effects as well- I can’t imagine giving this to a child! Anyone interested in using these type of treatments should know what they are in for and do a little background research ahead of time and treat river water before drinking, bathing or washing with filtration, iodine tablets, etc.

  • Erika – I also found this definition for the size of colloidal particles in Wikipedia:

    A colloidal sized particle is defined in diameter from 5-200 nanometers.

    The nanoparticle silver I refer to is actually .10 nanometers or smaller.

    I hear what you’re saying about the cytotoxic effects – this is why it’s really worrying that companies are putting nano-silver into socks, shirts etc. and it’s coming out in the wash and entering our water supply. You may enjoy my other blog post where I explore things like that:


    And I also hear what you’re saying about DMSO – yes, it is a very powerful substance! I have a book by Dr. Morton Walker that goes into all the applications it has been used for since the 60’s – burn patients (to prevent scar tissue formation), arthritis, sports injuries (Olympic and football teams have been using it “unapproved” for decades). And yes, we still don’t really understand everything about how it works, effects, etc.

    So thank you for posting the cautionary side of things. For my readers, we’re facing toxic antibiotics – which we already know cause all kinds of damage – toxic immune suppressants, and all kinds of other “approved” pharmaceuticals which we know trash the endocrine system and cause myriad systemic damage to the body. So… we are looking for less damaging or even supportive alternatives.

    I hope I made it clear in my post that this is an entirely experimental protocol – in fact I will go and add a really big, bold disclaimer, just to be sure.

    MMS (sodium chlorite activated with citric acid) is another example of an alternative protocol that is very harsh, experimental, but with also a big success rate. So again, we have to look at risk vs. staying sick vs. pharma damage, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience – and you make very good points about why people should avoid any kind of long-term nano or silver ingestion.

  • I just finished seven days of MMS, but had to quit without finishing the three weeks. I was not sick when I started, but felt a “clean-out” could not hurt. What a mistake! From Day 5 the diarrhea started, very severe and horrible, and would not stop even though I lowered the dosage to only 4 drops once per day.To lower the drops did not help against the diarrhea. On Day 7 I quit, took 5 grams of Vitamin C as an antidote and am now strictly on Absorb Plus to let my body heal. I believe MMS is dangerous, resembling chemo therapy, and there is also a danger of getting methemoglobinemia (blood cells are unable to carry oxygen). I do not trust Dr. Hesselink’s protocol either. More testing is required to ensure the safety of MMS.

  • Regarding mms
    I have taken MMS for some time now and started out by increasing drops daily and suffered same side effects as Monica. They now have a newer protocol of taking a much lesser dosage more often during the day. I have found this new protocol to be very effective with no side effects. Also, I could not take the citric acid activator as it always bothered my stomach. I stayed with the apple cider vinegar as activator and it works fine.

    When my household has cold and flu bugs floating around, I take the MMS and if I start sneezing prior to the onset of a cold, it is gone by next morning. My skin is softer and more youthful just by ingesting about 3 or 4 drops twice a day and my maintenance dose is 3 or 4 drops once a week. I also notice a great deal more clarity in my vision.

    Finally, I must say,my three dogs and two cats never have to be dewormed at the vets. I put 1 drop of activated MMS for every 25 lbs. of animal, in a bowl of demineralized water every once in a while. I would rate MMS up there with DMSO as probably the two most beneficial products.

  • Regarding helminthic therapy:
    Has anyone had experience with human whipworm or hookworm as therapy for IBD? I am seriously considering it to help maintain remission after several weeks on AbsorbPlus.

  • This is a great site. Good answers Jini. You also are wise in your approach. These posts are so old I am unsure if anyone is going to see mine. O well, I would like to see something more up to date.

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