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Natural Rectal Prolapse Treatment

What is Rectal Prolapse? Let's start by giving you an overview and causes of rectal prolapse, so you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Then we will discuss the natural treatments for rectal prolapse. Although, further down, I am also going to talk about rectocele - so if that's your condition, then stay with me. [...]

By |2023-11-22T09:48:18-08:00November 4th, 2020|Rectal Issues|98 Comments

Colonic Massage for Diverticulitis Blockage & Constipation

A self-administered colonic massage can really help if you’re experiencing constipation, blockages in thickened areas of your colon, or blockages in diverticulae (hollow pouches that occur when the inner intestinal lining has pushed through weakened areas of the colon wall), where food is getting stuck and causing a lot of pain. To treat diverticulitis blockages, [...]

Next-Level Elemental Diet for Crohn’s, Colitis, Diverticulitis, SIBO and IBS

Clinical trials may show that an elemental diet doesn't work too well for inducing remission in Colitis. But yet, I've had thousands of readers use my version of an elemental diet to heal their colitis and achieve complete remission. Why the difference? A standard elemental diet used in a clinical trial only tests ONE element [...]

By |2022-12-29T13:58:19-08:00December 11th, 2019|Elemental Diet, IBD/Crohn's/Colitis/Diverticulitis, IBS, SIBO|8 Comments

Safety Cautions Surrounding DMSO

For several years now we have been using DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) - both topically and orally - to treat various human conditions such as hemorrhoids, rectal strictures, and intestinal strictures. There are many treatment protocols available throughout my blog and Shoppe. Simply search "DMSO" and you will find information regarding the above conditions, as well [...]

By |2023-04-12T10:23:47-08:00November 25th, 2019|Supplement FAQs|120 Comments

Flushing Intestinal Obstruction With A Liquid Diet

Flushing Intestinal Obstruction With A Liquid Diet For the best treatment and management of diverticular or obstructive GI disease, your diet should vary according to your symptoms. During good/calm times, it's best to eat a diet that promotes easy digestion and absorption and tonifies the intestinal wall. But during a flare-up (diverticulitis or acute stricture), [...]

By |2024-01-08T22:35:24-08:00August 1st, 2019|Elemental Diet, Strictures, Scars & Obstructions|41 Comments

Natural Remedies for Achalasia and Dysphagia

Here are my natural remedies for achalasia and dysphagia. Esophageal achalasia is a disorder which inhibits food from passing through the esophagus and also causes the lower esophageal sphincter from relaxing. The most common result of this disorder is difficulty swallowing but it can also cause regurgitation or chest pain. Dysphagia is the medical term [...]

By |2023-02-15T09:24:43-08:00June 10th, 2015|Alternative Therapies, Protocols & Research|55 Comments
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