Clinical trials may show that an elemental diet doesn’t work too well for inducing remission in Colitis. But yet, I’ve had thousands of readers use my version of an elemental diet to heal their colitis and achieve complete remission. Why the difference?

A standard elemental diet used in a clinical trial only tests ONE element – the pre-digested, liquid food source. So while this may be a game-changer for Crohn’s, or eliminate the bacterial overgrowth in SIBO (note: small intestine, not the colon, where colitis is located), an elemental diet alone is not enough to shift ulcerative colitis.

On the other hand, The IBD Remission Diet (which is my version of an elemental diet) is a comprehensive healing program that utilizes an elemental diet for the backbone of the program, but there are also other components included that are absolutely vital for healing the gut and inducing disease remission. These include the elemental diet combined with targeted supplements, homemade broths and natural anti-pathogens:

An Elemental Diet – the elemental diet shakes provide the majority of the nutrients and calories. The shakes must be 100% natural and elemental, or semi-elemental in nature. A sufficient number o